Monday, January 28, 2013

Saying Good-bye to Boomerville

484647_4876060712401_572795829_n[1](Jan)  It’s over.  Our 6th trip to Boomerville at Quartzsite is history. Each year is a totally different experience and this year was certainly no exception! The first week was chilly during the day and down right cold at night, which kept many indoors. That was followed by a sunny, warm week and finished with a couple of rainy days.  Luckily many of the main activities were scheduled during the second week so it all worked fairly well. 003

316940_550873988256607_378551859_n[1]312489_550873998256606_1148605981_n[1]It was also a bittersweet experience. Because of my healing ankle, I was unable to go on the long group walks. The terrain is very rocky and even with wearing my brace, it would have been a little too easy to re-injure it. Last year included doing Zumba but none of that this year either. Darn! And yes, we sure did miss some of our friends who could not join us at Boomerville this year!

391193_550873901589949_269584044_n[1]601252_550874001589939_478321900_n[1]But there were lots of wonderful friends here to be with!! Thanks for the wonderful dinners, Bernita, Betty and Gisela and for hosting our co-op dinner Gregg & Sally. And thanks for a new way to play Pegs & Jokers Laura & Gordon. Thanks for a fun rainy morning visit Dee & Bruce and Bernita & Ron. For the yummy pancakes; thanks Gretchen & Bob. Thanks to Betty & Duane for taking us along on your Walk-Abouts. Thanks to Marilyn for the CC stuff and your photos and stories of your & Mike’s tiger adventure. Thanks B&D and G&B for the soup & wine when our hearts needed warming. AND thanks to ALL of our friends for making us feel loved and welcomed as you invited us into your homes and let us join your groups.

As I write this, we are back in Yuma living on 53rd Street. Seeing Joanne today was wonderful and we’re looking forward to meeting up with our Yuma friends in the next couple of weeks.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boomerville 2013

005(Chuck & Jan) We have moved on to “Q” for the annual Boomer get together in the desert. Many who have heard of Quartzsite, AZ think of rocks, dust, and crowded groups of RV’s cramped in the desert to go to the Big Tent for the RV Show. Boomers tend to find “Q” as a place to go out to our separate area to see old friends and socialize. A couple of days a week start with Gretchen’s pancakes which she and Bob serve outside their rig. It is just another example of the caring and sharing experience of the Boomers. Fire Ring discussions take place during the day which may include boondocking, RV maintenance, cooking, travel or just about anything else that we do in this lifestyle. There’s potlucks, bakery runs, craft sessions, walking, hiking, Jeep off-road drives, a CARE Auction and a Chili Cook-off. Boomerville lasts about two weeks. There are about 130 RVs registered at this time.

(Jan) ‘Are you free tonight?’ That’s an often asked question and most of the time the answer is ‘Yes!’ We have been blessed with lots of friends here so there’s been lots of nights and afternoons of visiting, shared meals and an occasional camp fire. We’ve had lots of fun games of Pegs & Jokers with Betty & Duane, Lee & Edie, Ron & Bernita, Koz & Jackie, Larry & Connie, Bob & Joyce, Gordon & Laura, Ken & Sue and Bill & Gisela. We’ve also been into the ‘Big Tent’ in Q with the Richmonds, a road trip to Parker with the Poutneys and our annual trip to eat Nachos with the Sheeleys at La Casa Del Rancho. John Black and Loren Webster managed to team-up for a ‘guys road trip’ and joined the Boomers for a couple of days. They have both been neighbors of ours here in the past and it was wonderful to spend some time with them. Pictured below are Chuck, Betty, Loren, John, Duane & Jan playing Pegs and John in our kitchen making cream puffs. Yum!

001   003

(Chuck & Jan) Tuesday was the Boomerville Chili Cook Off. We have been hosting this event for several years and it was a fun time! There were 24 chili entries. Our six judges, Sherrie, Duane, Laura, Dave, Bernita and Frank chose the First, Second and Third place chilies. After the fabulous prizes had been awarded everyone joined in and sampled the entries and the side dishes that we all provided. The weather was wonderful and a good time was had by all. That’s Chuck introducing the Judges and First Place winner John R. and his ‘Chili Bowl’ trophy with scorekeepers Jan & Dee in the background. Thanks to all who shared their wonderful chili  & all of the helpers who made this event a fun success.

IMG_0695[3][1]   14783_4237355534287_745552344_n[1]

(Chuck) We had our road side wind shield glass replaced today. I called an installer that we met last year and he made a house call to Boomerville. Joe Colvin runs a business called Auto Glass Boss. He installs windshields, fixes dual pane windows and can do anything glass related. Joe is an character and if you need glass work done in the Southwest, I recommend you contact him. His company is based in Mesa and he works the Yuma to Lake Havasu City area also.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yuma ER

(Chuck) On the last day of our Rose Parade trip I was noticing a slight twitch in my upper chest. The next day it continued intermittently and at night I could feel a very heavy “pulse” between my ribs in my upper left chest. I ignored it for another day and by this time we were in Yuma. Sometimes normal, sometimes a heavy pulse. Each of these four days I was light headed and mildly dizzy when I rose in the morning, which was totally out of character for me. I stopped into the local “Doc In The Box” or Urgent Care site by Foothills Blvd in Yuma, AZ thinking that I would have them check me out. They informed me that they could only administer drugs to slow a rapid heartbeat and that I would have to go to the ER in the Yuma Hospital. We arrived at the hospital to find a very crowded and busy ER. Over the next eight hours I watched the nurses efficiently handle the overcrowded ER. They do a wonderful job and deserve a huge thank you from all of us who seldom even think of their duties. My case was perplexing to them and me, since my only symptoms were this heavy “beat” that I could occasionally feel between my ribs and slight dizziness in the morning and a slight headache. No pain, no shortness of breath. When I finally made it to an examination room each time I asked the nurse to feel this thump in my chest, it would subside. A second time I had her feel for it and by the time she reached for my chest, It had quit. Perplexing and embarrassing. They ran an EKG, a Cat scan of my brain, chest x ray, did blood tests for heart attack and admitted me into the hospital so I could wear a heart monitor overnight. Thankfully all results were negative. I was discharged the next morning and advised to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist for a stress test. It may be good advice and if I find the “thump” to return I will do it. At this time I feel as if I had been sucked into the world of defensive medicine. I have a normally slow heart beat of under 60 beats per minute and my blood pressure is commonly low, also. I think it is possible that this in combination with an approaching chest cold may have lead to my symptoms. I have learned to monitor my heartbeat with a neat App called Instant Heart Rate. It takes a while to learn to get consistent results, but it is a good aid. We are monitoring this and if the symptoms return we will deal with it.

As a side note, I had a roommate while in the hospital. He was a homeless man who has suffered mouth cancer. He shamelessly berated the nurses who cared for him. They were always polite and cared for him with great attention. He was not a pleasant man and I hated to hear his verbal abuse of the nurses. The only thought that I had as I left the room was a passage that I recall from a church sermon. The quote is Mat 25:40 ‘And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done [it] unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done [it] unto me.’

We have moved to the Boomer digs near Quartzsite, AZ. It is good to see old friends and exchange our travel experiences with caring people who have positive attitudes. We will be here for at least two weeks and hopefully the weather will warm up to make it an outdoor affair. We thank God that we are so blessed to be able to live this lifestyle and be in the company of wonderful friends.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rose Parade 2013

(Chuck & Jan) It was three years ago that we were in Pasadena, CA for the Rose Parade and we decided to do it once again. This time it was Poutneys and Sheeleys as our travel companions. We again helped our friend Gretchen, a florist with Phoenix Decorating, with float decoration. We worked for 3 days as volunteers on The City of Glendale, Shriners, and the Lions Club floats. This time our duties ranged from preparing the maches for the floral arrangements to seeding the murals to working with the roses and mums. (Jan)The first day of decorating was our Anniversary. Chuck arranged to present 3 dozen of those lovely red roses to me as a surprise for our 44th Anniversary. The crew in the Rose Barn congratulated us and we went on with the rest of the day among those gorgeous flowers and our wonderful friends.

038 024175 023173
199 floats and happy hours 005 197

(Chuck & Jan) For the first two nights we stayed at the Glendale Adventist Hospital. They graciously reserved a portion of a172 parking lot for our motorhomes. On the 29th of December we moved to street parking on Michigan Street. 022We were a few hundred feet off Colorado Boulevard and the parade. We stayed there three nights and watched the parade from our chairs which were on the front row of Colorado Blvd. We started saving places for our front row seats with Dean & Judy and Ron & Bernita and fellow 034Boomers Joy and Sue & Ken at 6 A.M. on January 31. A day long process of moving forward at the appropriate times and manning the chairs through the nights assured us our front row seats. 423719_4702925662520_1964925598_n[1]Hardy souls Judy & Bernita spend all but 3 hours in those chairs.

(Chuck) We were joined on the last day of the year with Ron and Scarlet. Ron is Jan’s brother and has always had a desire to see the parade. It was worth the cold weather (37 overnight and 45 to start the parade) and the overnight vigil to claim our viewing area.

(Jan) The parade was magical! And sharing it with Ron & Scarlet made the day extra special. The Rose Parade floats were just awesome. The bands were first class and the decorated horses and costumed riders were amazing. Several vintage cars carrying dignitaries and the Rose Queen’s float; several foreign country’s floats & bands complete with native costumed dancers and a fly over by a Stealth Bomber kept us well entertained for 2 1/2 hours.

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005 050 037


(Chuck) After the parade we had lunch and waited for the traffic to clear, then we departed for Indio where we spent the night and met up with friends Bruce and Dee. We had a wonderful time catching up on news and sharing memories and then we were off to the Yuma area. We are now in the Paradise Casino lot and will move to Ron and Sharon’s place tomorrow. It is close to my Mom’s place and we will have a chance to spend some time with her.


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