Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boomerville 2013

005(Chuck & Jan) We have moved on to “Q” for the annual Boomer get together in the desert. Many who have heard of Quartzsite, AZ think of rocks, dust, and crowded groups of RV’s cramped in the desert to go to the Big Tent for the RV Show. Boomers tend to find “Q” as a place to go out to our separate area to see old friends and socialize. A couple of days a week start with Gretchen’s pancakes which she and Bob serve outside their rig. It is just another example of the caring and sharing experience of the Boomers. Fire Ring discussions take place during the day which may include boondocking, RV maintenance, cooking, travel or just about anything else that we do in this lifestyle. There’s potlucks, bakery runs, craft sessions, walking, hiking, Jeep off-road drives, a CARE Auction and a Chili Cook-off. Boomerville lasts about two weeks. There are about 130 RVs registered at this time.

(Jan) ‘Are you free tonight?’ That’s an often asked question and most of the time the answer is ‘Yes!’ We have been blessed with lots of friends here so there’s been lots of nights and afternoons of visiting, shared meals and an occasional camp fire. We’ve had lots of fun games of Pegs & Jokers with Betty & Duane, Lee & Edie, Ron & Bernita, Koz & Jackie, Larry & Connie, Bob & Joyce, Gordon & Laura, Ken & Sue and Bill & Gisela. We’ve also been into the ‘Big Tent’ in Q with the Richmonds, a road trip to Parker with the Poutneys and our annual trip to eat Nachos with the Sheeleys at La Casa Del Rancho. John Black and Loren Webster managed to team-up for a ‘guys road trip’ and joined the Boomers for a couple of days. They have both been neighbors of ours here in the past and it was wonderful to spend some time with them. Pictured below are Chuck, Betty, Loren, John, Duane & Jan playing Pegs and John in our kitchen making cream puffs. Yum!

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(Chuck & Jan) Tuesday was the Boomerville Chili Cook Off. We have been hosting this event for several years and it was a fun time! There were 24 chili entries. Our six judges, Sherrie, Duane, Laura, Dave, Bernita and Frank chose the First, Second and Third place chilies. After the fabulous prizes had been awarded everyone joined in and sampled the entries and the side dishes that we all provided. The weather was wonderful and a good time was had by all. That’s Chuck introducing the Judges and First Place winner John R. and his ‘Chili Bowl’ trophy with scorekeepers Jan & Dee in the background. Thanks to all who shared their wonderful chili  & all of the helpers who made this event a fun success.

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(Chuck) We had our road side wind shield glass replaced today. I called an installer that we met last year and he made a house call to Boomerville. Joe Colvin runs a business called Auto Glass Boss. He installs windshields, fixes dual pane windows and can do anything glass related. Joe is an character and if you need glass work done in the Southwest, I recommend you contact him. His company is based in Mesa and he works the Yuma to Lake Havasu City area also.

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