Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rose Parade 2013

(Chuck & Jan) It was three years ago that we were in Pasadena, CA for the Rose Parade and we decided to do it once again. This time it was Poutneys and Sheeleys as our travel companions. We again helped our friend Gretchen, a florist with Phoenix Decorating, with float decoration. We worked for 3 days as volunteers on The City of Glendale, Shriners, and the Lions Club floats. This time our duties ranged from preparing the maches for the floral arrangements to seeding the murals to working with the roses and mums. (Jan)The first day of decorating was our Anniversary. Chuck arranged to present 3 dozen of those lovely red roses to me as a surprise for our 44th Anniversary. The crew in the Rose Barn congratulated us and we went on with the rest of the day among those gorgeous flowers and our wonderful friends.

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(Chuck & Jan) For the first two nights we stayed at the Glendale Adventist Hospital. They graciously reserved a portion of a172 parking lot for our motorhomes. On the 29th of December we moved to street parking on Michigan Street. 022We were a few hundred feet off Colorado Boulevard and the parade. We stayed there three nights and watched the parade from our chairs which were on the front row of Colorado Blvd. We started saving places for our front row seats with Dean & Judy and Ron & Bernita and fellow 034Boomers Joy and Sue & Ken at 6 A.M. on January 31. A day long process of moving forward at the appropriate times and manning the chairs through the nights assured us our front row seats. 423719_4702925662520_1964925598_n[1]Hardy souls Judy & Bernita spend all but 3 hours in those chairs.

(Chuck) We were joined on the last day of the year with Ron and Scarlet. Ron is Jan’s brother and has always had a desire to see the parade. It was worth the cold weather (37 overnight and 45 to start the parade) and the overnight vigil to claim our viewing area.

(Jan) The parade was magical! And sharing it with Ron & Scarlet made the day extra special. The Rose Parade floats were just awesome. The bands were first class and the decorated horses and costumed riders were amazing. Several vintage cars carrying dignitaries and the Rose Queen’s float; several foreign country’s floats & bands complete with native costumed dancers and a fly over by a Stealth Bomber kept us well entertained for 2 1/2 hours.

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(Chuck) After the parade we had lunch and waited for the traffic to clear, then we departed for Indio where we spent the night and met up with friends Bruce and Dee. We had a wonderful time catching up on news and sharing memories and then we were off to the Yuma area. We are now in the Paradise Casino lot and will move to Ron and Sharon’s place tomorrow. It is close to my Mom’s place and we will have a chance to spend some time with her.


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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Great report, Jan & Chuck! Love seeing all those flowers, but I'm not sure if I could stand the cold and diligence to guard chairs through the night!

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