Monday, January 28, 2013

Saying Good-bye to Boomerville

484647_4876060712401_572795829_n[1](Jan)  It’s over.  Our 6th trip to Boomerville at Quartzsite is history. Each year is a totally different experience and this year was certainly no exception! The first week was chilly during the day and down right cold at night, which kept many indoors. That was followed by a sunny, warm week and finished with a couple of rainy days.  Luckily many of the main activities were scheduled during the second week so it all worked fairly well. 003

316940_550873988256607_378551859_n[1]312489_550873998256606_1148605981_n[1]It was also a bittersweet experience. Because of my healing ankle, I was unable to go on the long group walks. The terrain is very rocky and even with wearing my brace, it would have been a little too easy to re-injure it. Last year included doing Zumba but none of that this year either. Darn! And yes, we sure did miss some of our friends who could not join us at Boomerville this year!

391193_550873901589949_269584044_n[1]601252_550874001589939_478321900_n[1]But there were lots of wonderful friends here to be with!! Thanks for the wonderful dinners, Bernita, Betty and Gisela and for hosting our co-op dinner Gregg & Sally. And thanks for a new way to play Pegs & Jokers Laura & Gordon. Thanks for a fun rainy morning visit Dee & Bruce and Bernita & Ron. For the yummy pancakes; thanks Gretchen & Bob. Thanks to Betty & Duane for taking us along on your Walk-Abouts. Thanks to Marilyn for the CC stuff and your photos and stories of your & Mike’s tiger adventure. Thanks B&D and G&B for the soup & wine when our hearts needed warming. AND thanks to ALL of our friends for making us feel loved and welcomed as you invited us into your homes and let us join your groups.

As I write this, we are back in Yuma living on 53rd Street. Seeing Joanne today was wonderful and we’re looking forward to meeting up with our Yuma friends in the next couple of weeks.


Sharon Del Rosario said...

What a nice summary of your Boomerville experience. Maybe we can get together while we're both in Yuma.

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Sharon, we'd love it. Where in Yuma are you and are you going to Joy's on Saturday?

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