Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Slower Pace

(Jan) Since December 19th, it seems we have on a mad dash from one location, event or activity to the next. The last 12 days have definitely been at a different pace and it has been good to ‘settle in’ with everything that has been going on in our lives. We spent the first 4 nights on 53rd Street when we got to Yuma. That put us very close to Chuck’s mom, Joanne. We’ve had some good times with her over dinner and visiting over jigsaw puzzles.

066We moved to the Paradise Casino RV Parking for the next 8 days which is closer to Yuma’s downtown area and 1/2 way between Joanne’s house in the Foothills and Los Algodones, Mexico where I had an dental appointment. Fun stuff in Yuma included a day having dinner and playing Pegs & Jokers with Ron & Sharon, a Potluck at Joy’s with a delightful group of friends, going to the Two Rivers Renaissance Faire and dinner at the Paradise Casino with friends Karen & Mickey and Kaaren & Bill and their neighbors. There was also time for fix-it projects and bookwork & business duties.

063Rocking horses for Children to ride on. 005The Dread Crew of Oddwood performing. 058

001Last Tuesday Dentist Dr. Krystal & Dr. Sindy kept me in the chair for 3.75 hours drilling out all of my old metal fillings and then refilling 4 small fillings. On Friday 3.75 hours were spent giving me 6 porcelain overlays. The girls did a great job and now my teeth are now all pearly white.

This morning we are on our way north via Greys Well on I8 for water, Bythe, CA to dump the holding tanks, through Parker, AZ and on to ‘the Steps’ south of Lake Havasu City. We had a neat experience at Grey’s well. While Chuck began filling our water tank, we noticed that some Chinese tourists were pointing and looking over our rig. We struck up a conversation with them and asked if they had been inside a motorhome. They had not so we invited them in for a look. The young couple and both of their sets of parents were on their way from New York to San Diego touring the US by car. What a fun exchange!

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