Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jan’s week in Iowa


(Jan) A flight from Seattle to Minneapolis and then a flight on to Des Moines on Saturday started my week long trip to Iowa. My grandson Stephen was Confirmed and granddaughter Libby received her First Communion on Sunday in Ames.  I had a great time with Brent & Donna and family as well as Eric & Ryan who drove over from Chicagoland. We enjoyed the Mongolian Buffet together on Saturday night, a nice luncheon on Sunday with special cakes for Stephen & Libby with Donna’s parents at home and then a reception at the Church following Mass. An abundance of good family fun and good food continued to be then theme for the rest of the week!

My brother Glen and sister-in-law Mary Ann’s house was my home for Sunday through Thursday nights. My sister Linda, who had arrived from Kansas, and I were treated like royal guests and enjoyed each minute of our time there. Each day we spent visiting with our mom at the Nursing Home but in the evening, the 4 of us ate out at Hamlin, Arcadia and Charlie’s in Carroll followed by a movie or games of Euchre. We were so busy having fun that I didn’t get a picture of Glen, Mary Ann, Linda & I! On Wednesday Linda, Mary Ann and I ventured to Breda in the morning to an antique store and a new garden center; followed by lunch at the Santa Maria Winery and then Mary Ann treated us to a Pedicure at her favorite salon.  What a special time with my special sisters!054

My Mom is getting along very nicely at St Anthony’s!061  We got in lots of visiting! We had a wonderful day with her Ocken family on Tuesday in the Fireside Room. She’s pictured at left with her sisters Agatha & Charlotte in front, her cousin Mary Theresa, her brother Frank, myself, Linda, her sister-in-law Ann, her niece Christine and sister-in-law Rose in back. It was a fun day reminiscing about old family times and catching up on current news. Mom loved having everyone together! The same group, plus my cousins Diane and J532874_3060426607607_1939650516_n[1]olene and brother Glen (back row, on the right) met for lunch at Sam’s in Carroll before the visit.

Thursday evening I was with my long time friends Betty, Nancy, Karen, Edna and Becki at Nancy’s house enjoying a co-op dinner, celebrating Betty’s 065birthday and catching up on all of our life’s happenings. So glad that we could have an evening together amid everyone’s busy schedule! Together we now have 40 grandkids plus one on the way, three of us are semi-retired and another will be shortly. Everyone enjoys traveling; Edna’s a winter Texan and I’m a full-time RVer. It’s a fun & interesting group!

After a nice visit and lunch with my mom on Friday, I headed back to Brent and Donna’s house. We had a nice family dinner together and then Brent drove me down to Des Moines so I could stay at a Days Inn and catch my (very) early morning flight. Brent and Donna had loaned me the use of ‘the Buick’ during my stay and that made it so much more convenient to get around. ‘The Buick’ was formerly my mom and dad’s car and now is mostly driven by my grandson Stephen.  Thanks, Moore family!

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