Monday, May 13, 2013

A visit to see my Brother & Sister-in-Law

(Jan) My sister Linda and I flew in for a long week-end visit May 4-7 to see our brother Ron and sister-in-law Scarlett. 009They picked us up at Oakland International Airport and immediately whisked us away for a beach day adventure at Half Moon Bay. We ate at a great fish place and then headed up the coast to find a spot to watch the ocean surf and the surfer.  The weather didn’t co-operate really well but we still enjoyed the beautiful view and our time together. Our evening was spent back at their beautiful home visiting.

On Sunday Scarlett, Linda and I started the morning walking a great urban trail through their neighborhood. Scarlett’s son Ryan & his girlfriend joined us for lunch and the rest of the day was spent putting together a puzzle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Ron & Scarlett had ridden across the bridge several years before so it was really fun being included in assembling the puzzle.  We listened to some great music and had a Cinco de Mayo celebration with margaritas & tri-tip tacos to finish the day.013

Linda’s friends Pete and Amy live in a houseboat near the SF Giant’s ball field and we went to visit them on Monday. We had an lunch at the Beach Chalet & Brewery with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. We all had a fun visit. (Back in the 60’s Pete and I served in Linda’s wedding party!) The rest of the day we spent hanging out at the house visiting with Ron & Scarlett and nephew John.

And all too soon it was time to head home. John drove us down to the airport Tuesday morning; Linda was off to Kansas City and I was off to Seattle. I am very grateful to have had this precious time together! Thanks Ron & Scarlet for a fabulous visit.

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