Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dawson Creek, B.C. to Whitehorse, YN

002052(Jan)  We left Dawson Creek on a Sunday and on Friday we arrived in the Whitehorse, population 26,000, the capitol of the Yukon. In between we have seen some amazing views, lots of wildlife and camped in some lovely spots. Major places of interest for us were lovely Muncho Lake where we stayed 2 nights, Liard Hot Springs with it’s soothing hot springs pools, Whirlpool Canyon on the Liard River and the famous Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake. The Liard River roars through Whirlpool Canyon tossing smaller wood in the air and tipping full grown trees 5-8 feet above it’s turbulent water. A definite WOW! For the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake, our friend Ron created a beautiful sign with the Escapees & Boomers Logo on it along with our names. We had a good time hanging it and then getting our photos taken. There are more than 72,000 signs at the Sign Forest!  

035 040Muncho Lake left & above. Watson Lake Sign Post Forest below; Dean, Chuck, Keith & Ron. Jan, Sandy, Judy & Bernita on the ladder. 019Whirlpool Canyon
037 DSC01182 021

We stopped on the side of the road to watch all kinds of wildlife! There were lots of Wood Bison grazing on the verge of the road. They are a little smaller than the Plains Bluff/Buffalo but no less fun to watch. We didn’t expect to see Caribou and were delighted with the small herd we saw along the road. In the same area there were several small herds of beautiful Stone Sheep. We also saw at least 8-10 black bear. Several times we coasted to the side of the road, turned our engine off and sat and watched. The mama grizzly and her two yearling cubs put on a fun show for us. We were following Ron & Bernita when we saw them stopped on the side of the road. The grizzlies were playing in a small stream & munching grass. After about ten minutes they crossed the road right in front of our rigs, munched their way to the tree line and then ambled into the woods. They’re big! Their claws were huge!

010Black Bear 027Female Stone Sheep 023Caribou
003Wood Bison 030
Male Stone Sheep
034Grizzly Bear – Mama & 2 Cubs

Driving the Alaska Highway has been a fun adventure. The curved Kiskatinaw River Bridge, pictured below, is the only original timber bridge still in use today. It is no longer part of the Alaska highway but is used to get to Kiskatinaw Provincial Park.  The highway has been improved and shorten by many miles since it was built and we loved watching for abandoned sections such as the one below, right. You could still see the double yellow line going off into the trees.

005 017 004

039Finally, we were sitting inside Judy and Dean’s MH having coffee yesterday morning when this little guy walked right past the rig! We all jumped up to watch out the window as he stood and looked in at us. He scampered away when he heard us opening a window to get a clearer picture! 

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Thank you to all who have left comments on our Blog. We enjoy reading them and staying in touch with all of you!

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Kay and Jeff said...

You are most certainly having a fantastic adventure! Kay and I have been following your blog since meeting you both in the Big Horn Mtns west of Buffalo 2 summers ago. We are almost full timers,recently returning from 7 months on the road. We told some friends about your blog. Due to illness they had to cancel their Alaska trip this summer but are enjoying following yours.Jeff&Kay

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