Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kenai notes

014(Jan) For some time I’ve been meaning to add a photo of 3 much used resources that we’ve used on this trip.  The Milepost - often referred to since 1949 as the ‘Bible of North County Travel’, has given us mile by mile info as we traveled through B.C., the Yukon and Alaska. The Alaska Tour Saver - a two-for-one coupon book that we order from Amazon or can be purchased locally. We used it for the Halibut Charter plus admission to several museums. There are many 2 for 1 lodging and adventure offerings. The Tide Chart - has remained close at hand to check tides for fishing and clamming.

New Friends– Mutual friends of ours, Mary & Elaine, sent Escapee Members Jack & Robin over to see us. They have been wonderful to get to know. Chuck & Jack have been fishing several times. They’ve, also, been generously sharing their rhubarb with us. The group here has turned it into sauces, jellies and crisps. Today Chuck and I were able to go over to visit and see their beautiful home near here at Soldotna. Thursday they will join us 021here for our weekly dinner gathering.

Fishing- Chuck had caught 2 salmon earlier this week and today the fish have clearly begun their run. This morning Jack, Ron, Gregg and Chuck went out and caught 9 quickly and then filled out their limit for the four fisherman. The daily limit is 3 per license.004 This afternoon Chuck & I went down to Centennial Park where I was able to have the thrill of my first salmon catch.

Parade in Funny River – Last Saturday 3 of us couples drove over to Funny River for their annual town parade and celebration; very down home, small town with a touching opening ceremony by the V.F.W.

Solar power – Our Boondocking spot here has been wonderful and thanks to our Solar power we’re not lacking for energy. We are running a basement freezer, computers continually and also, able to watch a little television when we want to. 007It was cloudy for a couple of weeks but we still managed to be solar powered. The weather has changed again and we’re back to mostly sunny days.

016Moose & Eagles – We’ve seen lots of each. For the first several weeks we were here, three cows and their calves roamed our area daily. It has gotten more crowded and busier since the fishing has picked up and the moose have moved elsewhere. We’ve been watching the eagles along the river as we fish & saw some down near Funny River.

IMG_0292Earthquake – We felt one! About 1 A.M. several days ago a 4.4 Earthquake centered 10 miles away woke us up from a sound sleep and shook the rig for 10 + seconds!

Sunset & Sunrise – 11:15 Sunset and 5:05 Sunrise today in Soldotna. So it is actually getting dark at night a little. We have gotten use to going to sleep when it’s light out now though.

027Birthday – The gang here helped me celebrate my birthday last week! Thanks to Judy and Sally for the decorations, Gregg for the incredible smoked turkey, Judy for the delicious german chocolate cake and Chuck, Dean, Sally, Sandy & Keith and Ron & Bernita for all of the yummy side dishes. What a fun time!

(Jan) And in closing.  A week ago Sunday was a tragic day here in Soldotna. As Chuck and I came back from church services headed to our RV, a large dense black cloud billowed into the sky that looked very near to where we are parked. It was coming from the airport which is less that a mile away. A 10-seater de Havilland Otter was taking off from the Soldotna airport, crashed and burned. No survivors. The experienced pilot and nine others, two families from South Carolina, died. So very sad. Each day as we drive out to the Main Road and see the airport, we say a little prayer for them.

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