Friday, August 2, 2013

Homer Spit


051(Chuck) We moved to the Homer Spit for three very relaxing days. The spit is a somewhat narrow strip of land jutting out into Kachemak Bay. On the far side of the bay is a series of mountains with large glaciers that are visible from the spit. Our weather was great with bright sunshine. We took the East End Road and the Skyline Drive.

088Homer is the Halibut fishing capitol of the world. Fishing charters leave this town each morning and return each afternoon. One day at the pier area we watched a man lay his 225 pound Halibut on the cleaning table. It was a huge fish, and I learned later that these large fish are nearly always mature females and it would no doubt be better for her to be released and have her deliver her eggs for other generations to fish. I am told that thirty pounders have better tasting meat. However Homer holds a tournament with cash prizes for the largest fish. We were told that the large Halibut seem to be getting harder to find each year, such is the success of promotion.

We had an interesting couple park next to us on the spit. Avril and Deb Currier were also enjoying Alaska this summer. Avril is an artist. He paints with watercolor and oil. He has sold several paintings and we enjoyed looking at photos of his work. I asked him if it was ok to post a few photos of his work and he said please do! Contact us for his e-mail address.




We also enjoyed watching the tide in Homer. The 27 foot tide is a sight to watch.


081 High tide on July 24,2013
was 21.7
143 Low tide was a minus 5.1.

That’s nearly a 27 foot difference

Below are several photos from around town.

043Homer is a summer residence for Sandhill Cranes. 075The Islands & Oceans Museum.
Very Interesting!
074Chuck dropped off a pint of O Positive here.

002One of our favorite Homer bumper stickers.
Alaska’s Fireweed!

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