Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Portage Glacier to Anchorage

(Jan) There is a beautiful Visitors Center at Portage Glacier NP with a very good film. At the end of the movie the screen use to rise and then through the windows you could see the Portage Glacier.  001In recent years however the glacier has receded and you can no longer see it from the Visitors Center. The area is very beautiful however and we enjoyed our stop there.

On to Whittier we traveled through a 2.6 mile tunnel that is carved out of the mountain. With room for only one lane, the traffic alternates use on the half hour. It’s an amazing feat of engineering that was done in 306 days and is the only way to get to Whittier on the Prince William Sound. The trains use the tunnel, too, and have first priority! Whittier has a busy port set in a lovely mountain setting. Unfortunately, it was rainy and very gloomy the afternoon we were there so we didn’t stay long.

021Our next stop was Anchorage. We had a nice afternoon strolling the streets down town and going to the museum at the Fed Building. We wanted to see the film on the 1964 Earthquake that destroyed much of downtown Anchorage and did extensive damage in other parts of Alaska. The film was well done using many original film clips.

After a supply/grocery run to Costco we headed for Eagle River to fill our fuel & propane tanks and stay over night at the Elks Lodge where we had stayed in June. Next up: Valdez.

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