Monday, November 18, 2013

It’s still autumn!

IMG_20131117_141552_774(Jan) When we left Iowa at the end of September, we began to see fall foliage as we crossed into South Dakota.IMG_20131116_111722_936 The trees and hill sides were really starting to turn as we crossed Wyoming and Montana, into Idaho and then Washington. As we changed locations we seemed to be on the leading edge of the color change. We spent four weeks in the Seattle area as fall came into full bloom. Going south through Oregon and now through California, we are still experiencing autumn and all of the gorgeous colors it brings! The maples and grapevines in the vineyards have been especially pretty!

IMG_20131117_142843_224We’ve seen lots of indoor colors this past week too, such as the Persimmons we bought at a farmer’s market and the colorful produce section at Whole Foods!IMG_20131112_095839_641We spent four days at the Elks Club in Jackson, California this past week. Back in the Gold Rush Days a line of Chuck’s family settled out here and we wanted to do some genealogy work at the Library. We also enjoyed strolling down the Main Street in Sutter Creek, famous for it’s 1849 gold strike. 

One of the wonderful things about this lifestyle is connecting with Rving Friends. On Thursday we had a great visit and delicious lunch with friends Laurie and Odel at the Mother Lode Market & Deli in Jackson. They are currently ‘off the road’ so it was particularly nice to see them again. On Friday we drove over the mountain to Carson City, IMG_20131116_183934_743Nevada to visit with friends Judie and Mark. We also got to meet Judie’s dad, Jack, and have lunch at the Tail Dragger Café at the Minden Airport. It was a fun day and a beautiful drive up into the mountains.

On Saturday we moved our MH to the Lodi Elks and then drove into Pleasant Hill to see Ron & Scarlett again. Our nephew John made lunch for us and then after a nice afternoon visit, we went to Opa’s in Walnut Creek to celebrate Ron’s Birthday. The Greek food was wonderful and Birthday Baklava for dessert was the best I’ve ever had! So happy to get to celebrate my brother Ron’s birthday with him & the family!  Pictured at left are John, Chuck & Jan, Ron & Scarlett and nephew Ryan.

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