Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

(Jan) The Moore Family tradition was to gather on Christmas Eve, dine on Oyster stew and then open gifts. We continued this tradition with our boys and then our daughter-in-laws and grandkids as the family grew. Since we have been coming to Arizona, Chuck & I have had Oyster Stew and played cards with Chuck's mom, Joanne. This year for the first time in 45 years we are not with Moore family. We miss our families but were grateful for phone calls and Skype sessions! And thanks to our Boomer friends, we were included for Pizza and Cards on Christmas Eve and the Christmas dinner at Ron & Sharon’s with a really fun group. Below Left to Right are Jenny, Ron, Jim & Diane, Dan, Ron Chuck & Jan, Sharon, Loren Carol, Dianne & Frank.

Before we came to park on Ron & Sharon’s lot for the Christmas festivities, we spent a couple of days out on SidewinderIMG_20131217_083340_974 Road with our friends Karen & Bill and Kaaren & Mickey. We sure enjoyed getting to see them again. We also loved taking long walks in the desert and along the near-by rail road tracks.  Here’s a photo of one of the BNSF Train Engines parked on a siding. It sure was huge up close & personal! There were also some awesome sunsets!PC180032




Last Friday, the six of us plus Ron & Sharon and Loren met at the Q Casino for Dinner. Before we all assembled, Ron & Sharon were exploring the pool area at the Casino and Sharon slipped on the steps and fell, breaking her left ankle! She was taken by ambulance to the hospital and had a 2 hour surgery to fix the ankle with a plate and 10 screws. On Monday she was allowed back home and she and Ron wanted to continue with their Christmas plans to host our Boomer group of 13 friends. Our friends Frank & Dianne arrived to stay with them in their mobile Christmas Eve Day and the past 2 days have been a whirlwind of visiting, games, food and laughter!  Dianne took over the Turkey roasting duties and the rest of us pitched in with more food than we could possibly eat….but we sure tried! We are indeed blessed with these friends and their friendships!

Back again to last Friday, Ron said he thought they would be involved at the E/R for a long time so the rest of us should go ahead with dinner.  While we waited for news from Ron & Sharon we did enjoy a prime rib dinner and lots of visiting! Karen, Jan, Kaaren, Chuck, Loren, Mickey & Bill are looking forward to having Sharon & Ron join us next time!

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