Monday, December 9, 2013

Telegraph Pass

IMG_20131209_120057_203(Chuck) We hiked Telegraph Pass today. It is the mountain that dominates the skyline to the East of Yuma. On top are a host of large antennas which service the area. To maintain the equipment there is a service “road” which winds up the side of the mountain. This service road is visible from many parts of the Foothills area. The first 1.7 miles of the hike is up a dry stream bed and a trail across the hills which leads to the locked gate at the bottom of the service road hill. From there it is a difficult 1.2 mile slog up the hard surfaced road to the top. The road is actually rough screeded concrete. It is intentionally left rough because much of the incline is 35% grade; several sections I measured at 49% grade. It is a brutal climb. The last 3000 feet gains 644 feet in elevation. On the top you can see the town of Welton to the East. To the West is the Foothills and Yuma. Beyond Yuma is Pilot Mound in California and also our favorite hiking area which is the Olgiby Hills by Sidewinder Road. We last climbed Telegraph Pass in March of 2009. It seems hard to believe, but it was almost six years ago. I think that we are in better shape now than we were then, however it was a hard climb, and it got the heart rate up for both of us. We parked the Jeep at 474 feet and topped out at 1539 feet at the summit. We have both been dragging our butts for the rest of the day and we will sleep well tonight.

Looking down the hill. The road runs down through the valley. The Yuma Foothills are in the background.

Looking up the hill towards the towers on Telegraph Hill.



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Eric said...

Nice hike. Proud of you guys.

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