Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yuma Again

(Chuck) We have moved on to Yuma and are very much enjoying the weather. We are comfortably settled in on 53rd Street. This is where we have spent many of our stays in Yuma. We do not settle in for the winter as many of the visitors seem to do. Our activities for the winter will take us up and down the Colorado River between here and Lake Havasu City. Our first item on the list was to check in on Moms property. It is secure and all is well. My sister plans on selling it and we have put up “For Sale” signs. It is a fact of life that properties are for sale in Yuma. There is a constant turn over of lots which gives prospective buyers a wide choice of bare RV lots or developed homes. Many of you knew my mother Joanne when she lived in Yuma. She received mail and packages for many RV’ers who needed an address while they were in town. Mom found it increasingly difficult to live alone and last spring she traveled with us to the Seattle area to live with my sister. She has recently battled breast cancer and is doing well at this time. At 85 years of age she underwent chemotherapy and at this point she feels well and has no pain.

We have settled into walking mornings and evenings. Jan has a FitBit and we have found it to be a good incentive for exercise. We have walked 10,000 steps each day for quite a while now and though we may not maintain that level forever, it is most easily done here in the Foot Hills of Yuma. The streets are very wide and smooth. It is reasonably level and we have grown to enjoy the exercise. 10,000 steps seem to be about four and one-half miles. The biggest problem is that it takes a large part of our morning and evenings.  It seems that between steps, social occasions and regular RV maintenance projects, soon the day is over and it is time to enjoy the desert sunset. In truth, we are truly blessed and there are bigger problems to be found in life.IMG_20131202_175121_714

At this time we have fixed a leaking black valve, scrubbed and cleaned the water bay, washed the clothes and washed the car. In addition to that:  It is time to reorganize the basement, fix a leaking front wheel hub seal, clean the battery compartment, and wash and wax the rig.

Next week we will travel north to Mile Marker 99 by Quartzsite. We will have a chance to spend a short time with Jan’s brother Ron and sister-in-law Scarlet as they travel through Q on I-10 to the Phoenix area to visit Scarlet’s family. We are looking forward to being with them again. Our plan is to spend desert time at Q and probably travel back down on the west side of the river to spend time with friends on Sidewinder Road. 

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Phillips Farms said...

Fitbit, eh? I'll have to check into that. I'm sure Lynn is logging plenty of miles during the day, but I'm lucky if I get 200! :) Fun to check out your blog. I'll put a link on my desktop!

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