Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is it 2014 Already?

PC280020(Jan) Well, how did that happen? While we were just chugging along with daily life, 2013 ended and 2014 began! Chuck and I did celebrate a notable milestone at the end of 2013. On Dec.28th we celebrated our 45th Wedding Anniversary! We were staying on Ron & Sharon’s lot in the Foot Hills and they, Diane & Jim and Dan & Jenny helped us celebrate with cards games, grilled steaks and a carrot cake decorated for the occasion from Ron & Sharon. Thank you friends! Your warmth and caring meant a lot!


BLM land off of Ogilby Road has been our home site for the past week. A group of Boomers has traditionally met at Lake Mittry for New Years Eve but due to crowded conditions there, we are at Ogilby this year. There’s lots of room for everyone to roam here with knock-your-socks off sunsets! On the 31st we had game time in the afternoon with the group here plus Joey & Carl and Nancy & Gary who drove out from Yuma. Herb & Anke joined in the lively Happy Hour and we continued with more games & a bonfire in the evening. The traditional New Years Day Potluck was a yummy success with 17 in attendance.  Pictured at below are Chuck & Jan, Tom & Margie, Larry & Joyce, Steve & Pam, Nancy & Tony, Julie & John, Sherrie & Jack, Fran & Rod and Loren. There’s been some good hikes in the desert, Pegs & Jokers games and a slideshow by Joyce on their travels last summer to Norway, Sweden and Finland. P1010004

P1050012Yesterday we had a surprise visit from Jeff & Kay, who we met in The Bighorn Mts. in 2011. They are in the area and stopped by as they were out hiking. What a delightful surprise!

It’s been two and a half weeks since a group of us met at the Q casino and our friend Sharon broke her leg. This afternoon it was time for “Prime Rib Dinner – Take 2” and Sharon wanted to stay for dinner this time! Sharon is healing and in her permanent cast.  We all had a great time catching up and sharing lots of laughter.

The Imperial Sand Dunes are just to the southwest of us here on Ogilby Rd. They add quite a bit of dust to the air making for some incredible sunsets such as the one reflecting off our MH below.P1040011

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