Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Good Week @ Ogilby

P2160066(Jan) Our friends Dean & Judy wanted to come out to the desert and join us so we stayed at Ogilby Rd for another week. We’ve known them since our first Boomerville and love it when we get a chance to spend a little time together! Walking, hiking, lawn chair testing and a trip to Los Algodones pretty much filled our days. God continued to grant us amazing sunsets and sunrises and clear night skies to see the full moon rising.


On Saturday we drove over to the Ogilby Hills. The west facing dry wash was our hike of choice this day and continued on through the heart of the hills and then around towards the north. It was a nice sunny day for our 3 mile hike.

P2160003Monday’s hike took us to Pilot Knob.Chuck & I had done this hike several years ago and were happy to do it again with Dean & Judy. The cross at the peak is 897 ft. elev. From there you can see Yuma, AZ, Los Algodones, Mexico and lot of Arizona & California desert. From the top you can also see the US/Mexico Border fence stretching west into the Imperial Sand Dunes and beyond.P2160001



We descended the same way we hiked up. Half way down there is a ridge (pictured below) to hike with a pretty steep drop off down into the valley to the right. Our friend Dean said it looked like a mountain bike trail.  What do you think brother Ron?  Does this look like one of your trails?

P2160005For several years Chuck and I have gone to Desert Dental in Los Algondones, Mexico. Tuesday the four of us ventured across the border for a dentist visit, some shopping and to have lunch. We were greeted at Desert Dental by Dr. Sindy, who had done my fillings & porcelain overlays last year, and by Dr Rosaria, the owner of the shop, who worked with Chuck’s mom when she got new dentures. Chuck and I both had a good check up and cleaning done by a new member of the staff, Dr. David. All for $60 for BOTH of us. We missed Chuck’s favorite, Dr. Krystal, however, who has moved to another office. She did his crowns and overlays two years ago and is an excellent dentist.

IMG_20140218_124319_873Next up, lunch!  We chose to go over to the colorful patio at El Paraiso. With live music, excellent margaritas and some delicious Mexican food, we were set to enjoy our time relaxing in the shade! We topped off our day with a trip to the Purple Pharmacy for Amoretto Tequila and to fill a couple of prescriptions. Then it was over to the waiting line to get back across the border. Many enterprising ‘vendors’ walk along the line of people selling everything from beads to wall art to bottled water. This day I purchased 3 bundles of asparagus. There are also many unfortunates that sell pkgs. of gum or ask for ‘a little money, please.’ Even as little as the quarters we leave in their baskets help to feed their families. That day the wait was about 1/2 hour to stand in line, go through customs and have our purchases and passports checked. Not bad. Some people drive their cars in but we chose to park in a secure lot on the US side and walk across.

When we are Ogilby we drive over to Greys Well to get our supply of fresh water. Greys Well is at a Rest Stop in the middle of I8 on the southern end of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area. It’s always fun to stop and watch people buzzing thought the sand with their rails & quads. The Dunes are beautiful in the shifting sunlight and shadows.P2110016


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Bobbie and Jim said...

Thanks for posting all the wonderful photos. Those scenes of the desert make me want to be there year for sure. May hit you up for recommendation for a lot to rent in the Foothills for Jan-Mar.

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