Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quartzsite Area 2014

P1230001(Jan) Quartzsite is buzzing with activity while the ‘Big Tent’ is in town. photo 1Lots of vendors, travel companies and RV Repairs Parts & Service are set up for ten days in and around the big tent. Our purchases were filters for the MH engine and the Aqua Hot water heater and a set of bed sheets. Also in town at that time are hundreds of small vendors and flea market stalls.  And over at the QIA is the annual Rock & Gem Show. Although it is all much the same year to year, it’s still fun to take several trips to see and buy. Below are a couple of photos from displays at the QIA.

P1240002P1240003 Many fossils from many countriesP1240006 Intricately carved ivory P1240004

Roadrunners BLM or MM99 was quite crowded when we headed there after our stay at Boomerville. We weren’t able to IMG_20140128_152105_348get the spot that we wanted but found another okay spot not too far away. We, John & Julie, Loren and Becky enjoyed grilled bacon burgers and cards at IMG_20140128_151319_562J & J the first night and then salmon and dominoes the second night at our place. Mark & Judie joined us on Sunday. And Georgia join our group on Tuesday. We all enjoyed walks in the desert, shopping trips into town and Happy Hours together. Mark & Chuck went ‘junking’ several days and Monday morning Judie, Julie and I spend shopped at Gem World and then had ice cream sundaes for lunch! Wednesday morning found us enjoying Coffee in the sunshine before several of us moved south to Yuma. Here we are in the desert; Jan, Judie, Julie & Georgia, Chuck, Loren, John & Mark.P1280005


Nancy said...

Really like your header photo on the blog! Says so much. Take care, Nancy

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Thanks, Nancy. I am humbled but pleased by your comment. The desert there is so awesome! Jan

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