Monday, March 24, 2014

Precious Family Time

P1030274(Jan) Growing up in a small close knit community, there was always lots of family around. My dad was the oldest of twelve children, my mom was third in a family of seven so there was always cousins, aunts and uncles as well as lots of kids in our neighborhoods to be around. In our immediate family there is my older sister, Linda, myself and then two younger brothers; Glen and Ron. I was a bit young to really appreciate Glen as a baby but I was a young girl when Ron came along. He had dark hair and bright blue eyes. I loved that I was old enough to hold him & rock him to sleep. That baby brother is now 55 and lives in California. P1030271Because my mom, sister & brother are still in the Midwest it has been easier to get together there. This time we four siblings plus my two sister-in-laws and my s-i-l’s mother met at Ron and Scarlett’s house in Pleasant Hill. Our nephew John was also home for a while on spring break. What precious family time! Ron & Scarlett rented an SUV so we could all go out and tour together. We enjoyed Happy Hour and Dinner down on Pier 23 in San Francisco, Dinner in downtown Oakland at a authentic Chinese Restaurant, Wine tasting in St. Helena and Lunch at a Bistro in Calistoga. We walked on the Beach, overlooked San Francisco, the Golden Gate & Bay Bridges from the Berkley hills and saw retired Ships in the Oakland Ship Yards. We girls went to the Ruth Bancroft Gardens while the guys did guy things in Ron’s shop. We had time to watch NCAA basketball, time to play with Ron & Scarlett’s two Russian Blue cats, time for long talks and time for photo ops! Pictured above are Mary Ann, Marcy, Scarlett, Linda, Ron, Jan and Glen.

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P3190014 P3210049 P3190015

Thank you so much for your warm welcome and hospitality, Ron & Scarlett. We loved every minute that we got to spend with you and all our family! We sure collected some awesome memories, didn’t we?


Judy sheeley said...

Loved the pictures of your family. So good you could all get together. Sounds like great fun.

Anonymous said...

my comment is YES, we did. thanks for the great travelogue.

Anonymous said...

looks like you picked my favorite 2 pictures to start your article.
We really got some good ones, didn't we? Linda

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