Saturday, April 12, 2014

Glen Canyon Float Trip

P4050045(Chuck)  We did a float trip down the Colorado River from the Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry. Our day started with a bus ride down a two mile tunnel (8% grade) which ended at the foot of the dam. This tunnel was built to access the lower area of the dam during P4050050construction. We boarded the large powered rafts and  proceeded fifteen miles down the Glen Canyon. The weather was perfect and we were surrounded by 700 to 1,400 foot canyon walls.


P4040003We went through the famous Horse Shoe Bend which looks completely different from the river than it looked to us the day before from high above the canyon walls. From the top it seemed quite difficult to stand close enough to the edge to gainP4060070 the whole bend in the camera lens (I wasn’t even willing to crawl to the edge on my stomach and hold the camera out.)  From the river we could see several quite small figures on the rim of the canyon trying to get the correct photo of the bend. It was nice to view it from both sides.

It is a beautiful river and canyon and we considered it a good trip. There is a massive rock slide which has closed Highway 89. What would have been a short bus ride back to Page is now a detour of about 90 miles.P4060086


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