Sunday, April 13, 2014

Page, AZ

P4020023(Jan) Page, Arizona had it’s beginning in 1957 as a settlement for workers building the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado river. Today it is a small city of over 7,000. Page sits in the center of the Grand Circle of National Parks & Monuments. It is amazingly beautiful country! While we were in Page weP4040008 toured Antelope Canyon, hiked to the Horseshoe Bend, floated in a raft down the Colorado through those massive sandstone cliffs, hiked the Toadstool’s trail, toured the Glen Canyon Dam, hiked to the GC Dam overlook, visited the Grand Canyon, hiked at Antelope Point and stayed at Lone Rock CG on Lake Powell.

Our mile hike to the Horseshoe Bend ended in a sheer drop off overlooking this famous meander of the Colorado River. It’s a spectacular sight. There are no guard rails so peeking over the edge is both brave and foolhardy. We settled for the view from several feet back!P4050020P4040207


Pictured at Left and then right are pictures taken on our hikes to Lake Powell near Antelope Point and the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook.



The Glen Canyon Dam is the second tallest Dam in the U.S., second only to the Hoover Dam downstream on the Colorado P4030053River. This impressive 710 foot tall concrete dam, was started in 1956 and finished in 1966. The dam created Lake Powell. “The power plant at Glen Canyon Dam is located at the foot of the structure and contains eight 155,500 horsepower generators with a combined capacity of 1,296 megawatts (MW).” Our tour took us down the elevator through the thick walls of the dam to the power plant. The wall at the top of the dam is 25 foot thick; it’s 300 foot thick at the base. Pictured at right are the huge generators in the pwer plat at the base of the dam that produce the electricity.P4080096

The weather was very warm & sunny the day we drove west and went on our Toad Stool Hike in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.P4080111 The path followed a dry stream bed back into a canyon to a curious collection of rock formations known as the Toad Stools. It was a great hike that also awarded us with a view of the valley floor to the west below us.

Last Wednesday we drove down to Grand Canyon NP. We visited there in February about ten years ago and didn’t see the Canyon.  It started snowing as we were driving there and fog & snow completely blocked the view of the canyon! This time the weather was beautiful. We enjoyed a full day of stopping at all of the overlooks and seeing the tremendous beauty of this mile wide and mile deep canyon. It’s just huge! Lunch at the Bright Angel Dining Room and a short hike on the Bright Angel Trail finished a picture perfect day.


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