Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Southern Utah

1P3230051P3270029(Chuck) During our stay in the Zion National Park area John & Julie introduced us to one of their favorite haunts. An enterprising family has established  a street side pizza business in Hurricane, UT. For around $8.00 you can order a pizza and watch it being made and baked in the wood fired clay oven. The kids prepare the ingredients and assemble the pizzas and then they are fired in the oven. Most pizzas are takeout however there is a picnic table available to eat by the street. Our favorite turned out to be pesto chicken which was an invention of J&J. There have been several Pegs and Jokers games played while we have been in the Zion area. It is still in dispute who is the actual champion, although if you ask the men, they are sure to know.



We hiked twice in Zion National Park and toured Bryce Canyon on a separate day. The rock formations are awesome. We were blessed with wonderful weather in Bryce and the sun gave the photos an extra shot of magic.







We have since moved on to Kanab, UT and have been here for several days. We have enjoyed looking around the area. The weather has not been cooperative since it has been cool and windy. The chances of rain showers have limited our canyon P3300022hikes. Slot canyons and flash floods are hazardous to your health, so we have been to several locations and enjoyed the fantastic rock formations in the Kanab area such as the one P3310035in the photo at right. The photo at left is looking out of our MH window to the red hills to the northeast of Kanab.


Tomorrow we move to Page, AZ which is on the Colorado River. There will be more hikes and places to explore.



Bobbie and Jim said...

Great blog post. Love all the photos. That pizza place sure sounds unique and tasty. Miss you both.

Nancy said...

Very nice photos!! Enjoyed reading again about your adventures. Say hi to Julie and John. Take Care,
Nancy and Jerry

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