Saturday, April 5, 2014

What time is it?

AAAA(Jan) As a full-time Rv’er we get use to traveling through different time zones. The past several months, however, have been an extra challenge! It seemed like we switched time zones weekly!

We were in Yuma, Arizona in February which is Mountain Standard time. But the week before we stayed across the border in California and went down into Los Algodones, Mexico. Both are on Pacific time. (However, all of the shops and offices in Algodones run on Arizona time because many of their visitors are from the Arizona area.)  

At the end of February we headed north to work at an NASCAR event in Las Vegas, Nevada which is on Pacific time so we gained an hour. While we were working, Daylight Savings time came along so we lost an hour! After NASCAR, our travels took us to southern Utah which is Mountain Daylight Savings time. About 10 days later we went back to Las Vegas for me to catch a flight to California, both are on Pacific Daylight time. After that we were back into Utah. Again we were on Mountain Daylight Time.

AAaaToday we are living in south central Utah at Lone Rock CG on Lake Powell. We are several miles from the Arizona border and the city of Page. While both states are in Mountain Time zone, Arizona does not honor Daylight Savings time. Depending on which cell tower we get reception from our phones may correspond to Mountain Daylight or Standard time! To avoid too much confusion we are leaving our house and car clocks on Arizona’s Standard time.

Yesterday we went on a tour of Upper Antelope Canyon which is on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. The Navajo Nation does observe Daylight Savings Time. However, their office is in Page, Arizona and the tours leave on Arizona’s Standard time! We did get there at the correct time and the tour was awesome!


Bobbie and Jim said...

Oh, how funny. Jim and I agree everybody should just decide to have Daylight Saving Time or not and just stick with it all year and stop this changing back and forth. Just pick one way or the other.

Katy and Gary said...

Loved this post. We've had some funny incidents with either our confusion or others over the time changing or not changing, which in Arizona can be just as confusing.

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