Sunday, June 8, 2014


DSC_0055DSC_0094(Jan) These past couple of week-end have been a time of celebration for us and our middle son Eric’s family. Their son, our grandson Ryan graduated from High School on May 31. He was honored with the National Choral Award for his school and performed two solos at the Commencement Ceremony. His High School years were very busy with academics, music & drama performances as well as the Black Belt in Karate that he earned last year. In the fall he will continue his education at Iowa State University. Pictures are of Ryan & his classmates at Graduation Ceremonies and Ryan with his parents and grandparents.


DSC_0127DSC_0015We celebrated with a delicious and fun dinner after Commencement at Kyoto Steak and Sushi Bar and at the family’s home with an Open House this past Saturday. The first was a family time with grandparents & family. The second was a great time for celebrating with family, friends, neighbors and extended family.


We arrived here in time to go to our granddaughter Jessica’s Band Awards Ceremony. As a freshman she has been busy with both Band and Choir along with her academic schedule. It’s been a wonderful time with family.

In between family activities, Chuck and I have gone on several bike rides; here at Paul Wolff and along the Fox River Rail Trail. The weather has been nice with temps mostly in the 70’s and 80’s. Tomorrow we will head back west into Iowa.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Great pictures of your family. Congrats to the graduate. What a nice occasion!

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