Thursday, June 26, 2014

June in Iowa

P6090010(Jan)  June 2014 in Iowa has been beautiful! There have been lots of days in the 70’s and lower 80’s and some rain days with out severe storms in our area. When we arrived in the Midwest it seemed like the area was in for another drought this summer. Things have changed and now there is adequate moisture.

After leaving Chicagoland we spent a day along the Mississippi River at a Corps of Engineers CG near Thomson, Illinois, pictures at right, and one in a County Park near Colo, Iowa. Both were beautiful in their own way. Our stop near Colo was to visit our son and family in Ames. We had a lovely dinner and visit with them and then headed to Swan Lake SP to be near my mom.P6210032


Last week-end we were able to gather 34 out of 50 of my mom’s family members. We had a picnic at our Motor Home at Swan Lake, a gathering at mom’s Nursing Home, a stop at our home town cemetery in my brother Ron’s honor and dinner & birthday cake in Templeton. Here we are! And below here’s my sister & I as we celebrate her birthday that evening. It was wonderful having everyone that could be there together.

2014-06-21 001

We were at Swan Lake for several weeks before changing locations to Yellowsmoke County Park near Denison. Both of these lakes/campgrounds have excellent 4 mile walking paths around them. We try to walk each morning before it gets too hot and humid. We’re happy to be averaging over 10,000 steps a day again. Here’s Chuck lawn chair testing after one of our many walks at Yellowsmoke.


We plan to hang out here through the July 4th week-end with our friends Muhlbauers & Phillips before heading back to Swan Lake for a final week before leaving for Hart Ranch in South Dakota.







        Happy July 4th everyone!

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