Monday, June 2, 2014

Time in Iowa

(Jan) We arrived in Iowa just in time for some nice weather. The cold weather had finally come to an end after a particularly brutal winter here. The trees are all leafing out and the grass looks beautiful. Crops are peaking up out of the ground. The rivers and creeks are running low and there is yet again, concerns of summer draught for this area. Later in the week we drove down to the farm and Chuck took time to ride in the tractor with Lynn as he was planting. It’s a sophisticated business these days with GPS guidance, soil monitoring and computerized placement of the seed. IMG_20140522_121119_485We were excited to see my mom again at St. Anthony’s Nursing Home. She is doing well and looks good. She was very happy to see us. We had many nice visits; talking in her room, attending Mass in the Chapel, going for wheel chair ridesIMG_20140524_164658_897 to the Nursery in the Hospital, the Aviary and going outside to sit in the sunshine. Her dementia & loss of hearing has not improved but she has an incredibly good attitude. She’s happy and a joy to be with.

We had time to walk around Swan Lake with our friends Ron & Edna and enjoy lunch and visiting. We also were invited to join a picnic at the lake with Glen, Mary Ann, Susie and Ryker. The next day we headed down to Templeton for a family dinner to celebrate Ryker’s 3rd Birthday. All fun times!

With a really great lunch stop in Ames to visit with Brent, Donna & Maddy we were on our way to Chicagoland for our Grandson Ryan’s High School graduation. For the next couple of weeks we will be at home in Paul Wolf CG near Elgin.

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