Monday, July 28, 2014

Hill City & Custer City

IMG_20140720_143302_630(Jan) Our drive southwest on 16 and then west on 385 had us rolling past several wineries and into the fun little town, Hill City. It was decked out in lovely flowering pots all along the Main street. Colorful shops of all kinds vied for attention along with restaurants and bars. There were lots of Motorcycles parked along the street and I’m sure that will multiply in the weeks ahead as Motorcycle Rallies here, in Custer and in Sturgis get under way. There’s a good Dinosaur Museum in town also.

We found these two amazing metal sculptures!









We took the back way into Custer City on 87 & 89 so we could drive through the forest, through several tunnels and stop at Sylvan Lake. This favorite is such a pretty place but on this Sunday was filled to the brim with visitors so we drove on to Custer. After wandering through shops, we stopped for lunch at the Sports Bar, The Buglin’ Bull. Each year the town features Buffaloes painted in different themes. Here are a couple of the entries.





We closed out our afternoon at Stockade Lake. We found a nice shady spot for Chuck to do a little fishing and me to sit and read. Our drive back on 16a and 36 took us through Custer State Park but we didn’t see the Buffalo herds; probably lounging in a nice shady spot further in land. We did see several elk, however, along with deer, turkeys and antelope.

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Love the new sculptures in Hill City! The Buffaloes too. Sounds like a nice, relaxing day.

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