Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shades of Green

IMG_20140629_083201_728(Jan)  When I was a little girl, my mom told my sister & I that we could choose what color to paint our walls and decorate our bedrooms.  My sister chose pink. I chose green and brown just like the canape of the apple tree just outside my window. I was reminded of my girlhood bedroom this week while walking around Yellowsmoke park.  Iowa at this time of year is a vast pallet of shades of green.

IMG_20140629_075232_160  Our daily four mile walk takes us along the edge of the lake, past the Beach, through wildflower meadows

IMG_20140627_130824_248 IMG_20140629_073902_627

and corn fields, past an industrial area near the highway and then back up a wicked hill to the Nature Center and back down through a field of crown vetch.

IMG_20140629_081343_410 IMG_20140629_075823_761

Here are some of the wildflowers….

IMG_20140629_075938_154\IMG_20140629_075903_027 IMG_20140627_125709_135

IMG_20140629_074157_867This past week has been filled with friends and family, too. We are IMG_20140603_104930_883here at the lake with local friends Jim & Jerri and Lynn & Mary.  On Sunday we went to visit at son Brent’s house in Ames with their family, our son Eric’s family and his parents-in-law and then all went out to dinner at Hickory Park, a local favorite, in Ames. Today was an annual physical for Chuck & I and tomorrow we are taking my mom to have her Hearing Aids checked. So there’s always lots to do! We’re looking forward to Fireworks and parties on July 3rd.

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