Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Fun

IMG_20140629_130152_075(Jan)We were at Yellowsmoke Park until July 6. One of the highlights was a fabulous Grill out-Potluck at Lynn and Mary’s on the 4th of July.  We enjoyed a great group of friends a a spectacular Fireworks display right there at the Lake. Camp fires were shared on many nights with the Phillips & Muhlbauers as well as a flower trip to Lake View for Mary & I and a wonderful visit from my long time friend Nancy.

Our final 5 days in Iowa were spent back at Swan Lake Sate Park near Carroll.  It was a fun and busy time with family and friends. I was able to visit mom at her Nursing Home several times a day. She told me lots of her stories. Some were new, many were repeats; all precious. She misses dad so she loves looking at photos. Here’s a photo of mom and me taken through the window into the media room as we look at photos on this Blog.

IMG_20140712_114905_373Tuesday night Glen & Mary Ann and Chuck & I met at the B & S Tavern in Carroll for Burgers & Fries to celebrate my Birthday. Wednesday night I joined my local girlfriends in Manning at 3rd & Main for sandwiches and Thursday night Ron & Edna came to Swan Lake for dinner and Pegs & Jokers.

Our plan was to leave on Friday but our Ames family called and invited us for Lunch and Birthday Cake before we headed west. Donna and the girls made a delicious cake and she had Katie, Anne, Madeleine & Libby join me for this photo.

IMG_20140713_193300_662It was wonderful spending time with everyone. We sure are going to miss all of you!

Later Saturday afternoon we did head out on the road; northwest through Sioux City, Iowa, north to Sioux Fall, South Dakota and then west to Mitchell, SD where we spent the night at a Cabela’s. Our next two nights were in Box Elder at America’s Mail Box and for the next three weeks we are at Hart Ranch.

Yesterday we visited the Halley Park Gardens and Dinosaur Park in Rapid City. A drive up to Keystone to stroll the streets and play tourist for the afternoon followed. Back in the 70’s we had taken the boys to Dinosaur Park on a visit to the Black Hills; it was fun going back and remembering those times as a young family. Here’s a few photos from our day.

IMG_20140714_105912_192 IMG_20140714_110016_764 IMG_20140714_105732_583
IMG_20140714_121627_206 IMG_20140714_105830_781 IMG_20140714_121956_441

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