Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bakken Oil Field–Glacier National Park

P8110073(Chuck)  We left TR National Park and took highway 2 across North Dakota and Montana. The first part of the trip led us through the Bakken Oil Field. There is a genuine oil boom in place here. Drill rigs dot the landscape and well pumps are P8110082hard at work bringing the oil to the surface. These new pumps seem to be larger than other pumps that we have seen in Oklahoma and other oil fields. Several are operating next to each other.

Here is a photo of four working in place with a huge tank farm to hold the production. This activity is a good thing for our nation because it will help to reduce the dependence on foreign oil. Our past strategy of politicizing foreign oil production has led to disaster in the MidEast. We need to develop this production and improve our resources of renewable energy. Ethanol, Solar, Wind Tide and other energy sources need to be expanded and exploited.

We spent two days in Glacier National Park. Our last visit was several years ago. We then stayed on the West side. This year we stayed in East Glacier, MT at the Y Lazy R Camp Ground, FHU, $25 per night, (48.43945 -113.21650) 4800’.  It seemed to be the most economical place to stay in the area. We found it in Escapees Days End. Days End is a IMG_20140814_201212_076resource upon which we regularly depend. On this visit to Glacier we discovered the large beautiful Park Hotels. Within a mile of our campground is the Glacier Park Lodge, It was constructed by the Great Northern Railway in 1913. At this time the large railroads were involved in tourist activities. They found that people were eager to explore the newly developed West. Railroads could provide the transportation and lodging and they found the tourist trade was a lucrative business. The supports for this lodge are 60 fir and cedar columns that are 36 to 42 inches in diameter and 40 feet long. They are estimated to be 500 P8130102to 800 years old. They were transported and erected with the bark in place. It provides a beautiful interior look to the lodge.  Today there are 161 guest rooms which can hold over 500 people.

P8140114(Jan) The scenery in Glacier Park is awesome. We were able to explore the Two Medicines and Many Glaciers areas as well as driving the Going to the Sun Road. The 53 mile long Going to the Sun Road crosses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass. Construction began in 1921 and finished in 1932 and is considered a Civil Engineering Landmark. Even though the weather was a little cloudy and rainy the road, the mountain valleys, lakes & waterfalls were breathtaking.

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Nice post. We bicycled over the Going to the Sun many years ago on a cross country trip.

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