Saturday, August 9, 2014

Motorcycles Everywhere!

IMG_20140805_144331_518(Jan) Our last week at Hart Ranch coincided with the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. It seemed like everywhere we went there were motorcycles and more motorcycles. Even lots of Bikers here at Hart Ranch. Look at the logo on the trailer at right. Isn’t that a cool graphic? Looked quite nice with the Newmar Essex pulling it.

IMG_20140801_125819_530Last Saturday we headed north to see what it was all about. First stop – the Black Hills Harley Dealer at Exit 55. The place was crowded with bikers, live music, food vendors, separate big parking lots for bikes & vehicles and loads of merchandise. Lots of Motorcycle Vendors, Clothing and of course new and used Harleys. Chuck had a 1966 Harley Sportster XLCH back in the day.  We did find a 1982 for sale. Hmmmm…….

How about this customized Buffalo bike at left?

The motorcycle parking lot is on the right.


P8020061Next stop – Sturgis! Things were hopping all over town on Saturday. There was a traffic jam trying to get into town and we had to park about 6 blocks from Main Street to get to ‘ground zero.’ Here’s what P8020062Main street looks like with Motorcycle Parking only for four full blocks. Leather, Sturgis T Shirts, Jeans, Tank tops, Bikinis and Motorcycle gear were the uniform of the day. We couldn’t resist taking a ‘selfie’ with the ‘Welcome to Sturgis’ sign in the background. There were people & bikes everywhere with music spilling our from the bars. Great place for people watching!

P8060011On the roads – there are lots and lots of bikes. One at a time or bunches of 20, 30 orP8060016 more. (Click on the photos to enlarge.) Also note the Billboard on the left advertising the entertainment at the Buffalo Chip. It must have been quite a week with Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Florida Georgia Line, Train, Motley Crue, Cheap Trick and the ZacP8060048 Brown Band plus others entertaining there. In Sturgis there were tenters renting spaces in people’s yards all over town. Campgrounds were full. Meadows were turned into spots for RVs and tenters alike. IMG_20140801_123841_850On the left you’ll see a Law Tigers Van. These guys and their signs were all over. Convenient if you got into trouble or had a motorcycle accident.

Unfortunately, the weather turned rainy on Tuesday and Wednesday. One group parked close to us at Hart Ranch said they found shelter at an underpass for half an hour with 50+ plus other bikers and then got hailed on further down the IMG_20140806_141017_958road. Yikes!

We were scheduled to leave Hart Ranch on Tuesday but decided to stay a couple of more days.  It gave us a chance to get our Generator serviced. It also allowed the rainy weather to head east before we headed north. Plus we got to spend a little time with Betty & Duane as they had just arrived back at the ranch from a trip. Walks, dinner and Pegs & Jokers games were on the Itinerary along with lots of laughter! Great times. Can’t believe we didn’t get a photo.

Betty & Duane arrived Thursday morning with a gift of Duane’s Travel Popcorn, Yum! and then we were on our way to Theodore National Park in North Dakota.  We’ll stay several days in the park and go see the Medora Musical.

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