Monday, September 29, 2014

Surviving a Cold

P9210024(Jan) There is life after a cruise but it’s complicated! Our plan was to spend one night at the casino in Tulalip, drive to the Elks in Burien to do laundry since they have FHU sites, visit Chuck’s mom & sister’s family and then go to visit Josh & Sarah and family on the week-end before heading to the Washington coast. The first three went just as planned. And then one by one we succumbed to a horrible flu/cold. First Duane, then Chuck, followed by me & Betty. Our visit to see the kids & grandkids was not going to happen as we did not want to pass on this sickness. We did get some laundry done amongst fighting fevers and coughs along with lots of sleeping and napping. Sunday was Betty’s Birthday so we celebrated as best we could with a chicken casserole and carrot cake and a couple of games of Pegs & Jokers.IMG_20140923_135643_874



IMG_20140923_142329_926Monday we decided to drive over to the coast and boondock at the Quinault Casino near Ocean Shores. If we had to be sick and out of energy, we might at least do it where we could park near the ocean. The world here by the sea was pretty grey & rainy for much of the week. We did drive to Ocean Shores and drive out on the beach a couple of times. We saw this beautiful 6 point Black-tailed Deer posing on a sidewalk near town and watched a man & woman feeding the seagulls on the beach. We had breakfast at the casino and Chuck went up to the Copalis River to try a little fishing.P9260043IMG_20140927_133952_643

By Friday our energy was beginning to return and the beautiful sun came out to once again color our world. Walking on the beach is marvelous. Watching the waves rolling in fascinating. Many people were out for the week-end enjoying the sunshine; flying kites, watching & listening to the birds, walking on the beach and splashing in the surf.

On Saturday afternoon our friends Betty & Duane came to join us. They had been visiting in the Port Townsend area. This called for more walking on the beach, an incredible Sunday morning Omelet breakfast at the casino, fishing for Chuck & Duane and of course, more games of Pegs & Jokers.  We’re all recuperating and doing much better.

One last photo; these horse & riders were on the beach on Sunday. Lovely!

IMG_20140927_162433_300 - Copy

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