Saturday, November 29, 2014

Back in the Sunshine

IMG_20141116_164223496_HDR(Jan) While the cold and snow has started in much of the U.S., the area around our Yuma home base has been warm & sunny. Our travels since Death Valley have been two nights near Quartzsite, five nights west of Yuma on BLM land, six nights at the Paradise Casino and now we are once again at home on 53rd Street in the Foothills. The weather is in the 70’s & 80’s most days and in the 50’s at night.  It’s no wonder that winter visitors flock to this area each year.074


One of our first stops in the area was a trip to the dentist in Los Algodones, Mexico.  Our favorite dentist, who we’ve been to for the past 6 years has started her own office, Venus Dental. We had thought that our visit to Dr. Krystal was going to be for a root canal for me. Instead my tooth was cracked. It could not be repaired so having the tooth pulled was required. Dr. Hector, an Oral Surgeon, did an excellent job of pulling the tooth, placing bone grafting material in the cavity and then stitching it up.  I will return later for an implant and a crown. I’ll have it checked  next week when Chuck also has a check up.

027Recuperation time was spent in the desert with friends Karen & Mickey, Kaaren & Bill and new friends Linda & Pat.  It’s been wonderful visiting and catching up. On Friday we girls tackled a new bracelet pattern that Linda had brought. We sure had a fun afternoon beading together. On Sunday we went into see friends Ron & Sharon and play a few hands of Pegs and Jokers. From there we went over to Boomer Friend Joy’s for a Birthday party for those of us that had July through October Birthdays. It was wonderful seeing so many Yuma friends there. The following day five couples, Bill & Kaaren, Ron & Sharon, Mickey & Karen, Pat & Linda and Chuck & I gathered at our Motor Home and then had lunch at the Casino. Whew! We’re already in a lively social whirl.IMG_20141125_143357840

PB240025Tuesday was laundry day and haircut day.  I cut Chuck’s and had mine cut at a salon.  For months I’ve been thinking about short hair so that is what I had done. I love it!  My ponytail was mailed away to ‘Lock for Love.’

On Thanksgiving the couples at left minus Ron & Sharon had dinner at Golden Corral.  The food was good; the company was even better! That afternoon Chuck and I went over to the Wetlands area near the Colorado River to get a photo taken for this year’s Christmas Card. 50 cards for $15 at Sam’s Club seems like a good deal to us.  That plus a battery for my Fitbit was the extend of our Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping!

Since our move into town we visited Ron & Carol and Jim & Diane, washed the Jeep and wrapped a few Christmas gifts. We’ve even put up the 2 foot Christmas tree and a few lights in our front window. Let the Christmas Season begin!007

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On our way south & Death Valley

(Jan) Nov 3, 2014, Monday was moving day for us. For 11 1/2 weeks our home base was in the Seattle area. As the 002weather turned towards winter and our family visits ends we headed south. Overnight stops were in Canyonville, Oregon and Corning, California before staying several nights in Lodi, California at the Elks. While there we had a fun impromptu visit with fellow Boomers Lynn & Lin Ford and a great day with our sister-in-law Scarlett. It was the first time we had visited since my brother’s passing. We had a good visit and a nice walk on an area trail followed by a delicious stew for OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdinner. It was so good to visit with her & see that she is doing well.

Our travels from there took us up over the mountains on Hwy 88 to Minden, NV to visit friends Judie and Mark at her dad’s place. We were able to park there for several days to visit them and PA300018friends Betty & Duane. While Mark took the guys fishing on Lake Tahoe, we girls had lunch in Carson City at Schat’s Bakery and on Hwy 88 at Sorensen’s. Both were very delicious and fun outing with the girls. Each evening we gathered for a little wine and one of Mark’s delicious gourmet meals.  Here’s a photo of all of us on our last morning together.unnamed



We spent one night in Hawthorne, Nevada on our way to Furnace Creek in Death Valley.  Chuck & I visited DVNP last fall on our way south and were able see Scotty’s Castle, the Ubehebe Crater and do several hikes but due to a late fall thunderstorm many of the gravel/dirt roads were closed to the remoter areas. This year our first priority was visiting the Beatty Museum, the old Ryolite gold town, and driving the Titus Canyon Road. Below are some of the photos from Tuesday’s trip with Betty & Duane.


072A Bank/Business building in Ryolite PB120106The bottle house – walls were made with bottles imbedded in cement P1240378Picnic on Red Pass on the Titus Canyon Road
IMG_20141112_141336118One of the fascinating geological formations 095Leadfield – the sign says it all (above)
Going into the narrows section Of Titus Canyon (right)

Tuesday was a down day for Chuck and I with just one outing to the Death Valley Visitors Center. They have an excellent topographical map of the park, some good exhibits and film that does a good job showing an over view of the area. The following morning we drove south with our buds to hike Natural Bridge Canyon, visit Bad Water Basin, the lowest point in North America, and drive through Artist Pallet. After lunch we drove through Twenty Mule Team Canyon and up to Dante’s View. It is amazing to see the variety of landscapes and rock formations. We finished the afternoon on the terrace of the Inn at Furnace Creek watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

P1240466 PB140247 P1240473

There was a nice surprise waiting for us when we got back home. New friends Mark & Patsy, whom we had met on the Washington Coast, were parked close by. We had a nice chat with them that evening and they joined us and Betty & Duane for coffee the following morning. We loved our Death Valley visit and will certainly return! One last photo to share; the sunset the first evening we were at Furnace Creek CG in Death Valley was glorious!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October flew by!

(Jan) Seattle  metro area was our home for the month of October. With our son’s family living in the north suburbs and Chuck’s mom and sister’s family in the southeast suburbs, it’s great for us to be able to see and visit with everyone. And as a bonus, we are able to stay on both of their properties. Big thanks yous go out to them for making us welcome! Here are some photos from the past month.

204Isaac & Grampa PA110033Lexi & I creating Ali’s BD Cake PA040028JJ & Ali





We were able to gather together at Josh & Sarah’s house to celebrate Ali’s birthday in October and Sarah’s birthday in November. The family also came south to celebrate Joanne’s birthday.

067Chuck & Joanne baking cookies 023Joanne with one of the many puzzles we put together 005Joanne at our MH for birthday breakfast and Rumikub


While Jackie had classes in Florida and she & Butch visited in Arizona, Chuck & I stayed with Joanne at their house. We had a wonderful time making cookies, fixing puzzles and playing Rumikub. But most of all the time was precious because we got to spend time with her just visiting.

Pictured at left are Joanne, Chuck & Jackie.

We are grateful to have had time with all in our Seattle families.

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