Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October flew by!

(Jan) Seattle  metro area was our home for the month of October. With our son’s family living in the north suburbs and Chuck’s mom and sister’s family in the southeast suburbs, it’s great for us to be able to see and visit with everyone. And as a bonus, we are able to stay on both of their properties. Big thanks yous go out to them for making us welcome! Here are some photos from the past month.

204Isaac & Grampa PA110033Lexi & I creating Ali’s BD Cake PA040028JJ & Ali





We were able to gather together at Josh & Sarah’s house to celebrate Ali’s birthday in October and Sarah’s birthday in November. The family also came south to celebrate Joanne’s birthday.

067Chuck & Joanne baking cookies 023Joanne with one of the many puzzles we put together 005Joanne at our MH for birthday breakfast and Rumikub


While Jackie had classes in Florida and she & Butch visited in Arizona, Chuck & I stayed with Joanne at their house. We had a wonderful time making cookies, fixing puzzles and playing Rumikub. But most of all the time was precious because we got to spend time with her just visiting.

Pictured at left are Joanne, Chuck & Jackie.

We are grateful to have had time with all in our Seattle families.

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Bobbie and Jim said...

Ah, what great photos. Good to see a photo of Joanne again....lovely.

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