Monday, December 22, 2014

Foothills Fun & Projects

10426553_10203081071649680_3010270227547788412_n005(Jan) These past three weeks have found us having lots of fun in the Foothills with lots of amazing friends.  Our base was our usual address at 53rd Street. Early in the month Connie, Jenny, Sharon & I went to a Nativity Display at a downtown Yuma Church and then ate at the Garden CafĂ©. Strolling through shops and visiting the Art Museum rounded out the afternoon. What a great girls day!10299970_10203100095085254_6122639807978438186_n

Three days later our Hubbies joined us at the Historic downtown Yuma Theatre for a Christmas concert by the Fort Huachuca Army Band. We IMG_20141208_172758693enjoyed dinner after at Lutes Casino. That’s Larry, Connie, Sharon, Chuck, Jan, Jenny and Dan at left and we girls clowning around on the right.

There have been Pegs & Jokers games at Ron & Sharon’s and Dan & Jenny’s as well as trips to the Wednesday movies with group of Boomers followed by dinners out. We thought “The Judge” was pretty good, as was the food at Buffalo Wild Wings. “The Homesman” on the other hand had all of us shaking our heads. It took delicious burgers & fries at Five Guys to brighten our world!

We hosted a Christmas Potluck on beautiful, sunny Sunday the 14th.  Forty-one friends and neighbors answered the invite. A fabulous time eating and visiting was had by all. Pictured below are Chuck, Kaaren & Bill, Jan, Connie, Karen & Mickey, Sue & Bruce, Larry, Pat, Jack, Sharon, Linda, Gordon, Susie, Mona, Laura, Don, Ron, Jack & Sherrie, Steve & Cathy, Jenny & Dan, Don & Mary, Barbara, Ken, Tom, Nancy, Soren, Joy, Bea, Margie, Ron & Carol, Carl, Ron & Joey.PC140065

(Chuck)While we were in the foothills it seemed like a good time for some home repair projects. I started some, finished some and found a couple of others that I did not know I needed to do. We washed the rig one of the first days and we were happy to have it done, it has been quite a while. I had planned to wax it, but that has been put off for a while. Our social schedule interfered with some of the projects.PC190069 Our water pump quit the other day and is was a fairly simple job to install the spare pump that I use to pump water from the bladder to the rig. It is ok for this emergency, however it is noisy. The original pump that Newmar installed is expensive, but very quiet. I ordered one like it and it arrived at Ron and Sharon’s in Yuma today. We will pick it up when we return to Yuma after the New Year. Our rear AC is on the lamb. I took the lid off and discovered that a capacitor was bad, (it was falling apart). I had a mobile RV tech come and look at it. The new capacitor was not the solution. It is a Penguin 15,000 with the heat pump. They seem to have a common problem that the reversing valve that operates the heat pump and AC sticks. It is integral to the system and cannot be repaired. When it fails the system defaults to heat pump. That is not a good thing. We never use the heat pump and I would far rather it defaulted to AC, but not so. The tech says the AC will have to be replaced. I am very stubborn and I want to investigate it further. I have heard that sometimes a solenoid can cause the problem and I will take the solenoid off the front AC and put it on the rear AC and prove to myself that is or isn’t the problem. Time will tell. 1535432_10152871046062973_1593399207167165108_n

104(Jan) Last week Thursday a group of friends met at Joy’s house to decorate Christmas Trees, her house and her electric cart Tweety Bird for the Foothills parade. We had a very fun time and Joy shared delicious, pizza, eggnog, cider & Christmas goodies with us. That’s Laura, Maryann, Jan, Margie, Joy, Sharon, Barbara, Susie and Carol at left. The following evening a group of Boomers met and watching Joy, Jenny, Sharon & Candy in drive by along with 70+ others in the Foothills parade. We rounded out our time in the foothills walking to see the Christmas lights on 55th Street in the evenings, going to garage sales and shopping.

IMG_20141221_16305831610270556_904578616221738_9122293581793043912_nOur present location is Borrego Springs where we are boondocking near Peg Leg. Friends JC & Bev are here, too, so we’ve enjoyed visiting, seeing the fabulous sculptures of Ricardo Breceda and dinners at Carmelita’s and Carlee’s Bar & Grill. We’ll leave our Motor home in storage here while we fly from San Diego to Seattle tomorrow to be with our family! Merry Christmas Everyone and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2015!

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