Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Boomerville 2015


(Chuck) We have been to this gathering of Escapee Boomers for the last eight years. It is a great time to spend with friends in the desert by Quartzsite, AZ. Some of these friends we will only see once a year, with others we seem to share laughter with many times throughout the year. Boomerville is full of scheduled activities. There is no obligation to attend any or all of them. There are no officers, rules or structure within the Boomers. It is a group which gathers for social enjoyment. The thing which I appreciate most is there is almost no complaining about spouses or partners. We all live in RV’s because we enjoy travel and each other.

(Jan)  We parked in our usual area on the north side of Main Street with Loren and Duane & Betty for neighbors.  We would sit out in our lawn chairs often and soon more people came with chairs to visit. It’s one of our favorite things about this place. There were so many fun people here ready to share life & laughter and loads of fun activities.P1160112

My sister-in-law, Scarlett, stopped by to visit us! She was on her way from Tucson to the Bay area and was able to stay over Friday night with us. She & I walked around Boomerville chatting with people, attended Happy Hour and then we had a ‘Burn your Own’ Potluck with our neighbors. We played a fun game of Telephone Pictionary after dinner, had dessert and then visited. Pictured at right are Duane, Loren, Bill & Sue, Mark & Patsi, Larry, Scarlett and Chuck with Jan, Betty and Connie in back. The next morning Scarlett joined us and other Boomer’s for Pancakes at the Host tent and then it was time to say Good-bye. So very glad for our visit!

244Sunday the 17th was Football Play-Off Day for the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.  Our friends Mark & Patsy, new Boomers, had planned to go out but decided to watch the game instead and invited us over to watch the game on their outside TV. As with many parties that aren’t planned, people gathered with chairs, drinks15927_900621949969344_7968511293661033197_n (1) and food. What a good time 15 or so of us had watching the game and cheering!

This year I entered the Chili Cook-Off at Boomerville. On a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the competing chilis were brought to the fire ring along with lots of other yummy side dishes. Luckily my entry came in 2nd.  Here I am with First Place Terry and Third Place Jim! 10537874_10205616272543568_2434955747855744592_n



(Chuck) Each year at Boomerville we hold an auction which is a fundraiser for CARE. Escapees CARE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit adult day care and residency program designed for RV’ers whose travels are interrupted or reduced because of, age, injury, sickness or surgery. It is located in Livingston, Texas, adjoining Rainbow's End campground and Escapees headquarters. At several Boomer events throughout the year we raise money which we proudly send to CARE. For more information about CARE, go to this page:   Chuck was one of four auctioneers 10945714_1397001003935067_4848834238437955780_n (1)who along with many people gave their time to arrange the fundraiser. Jan was a “Vanna White” which is our term for the beautiful ladies who present the items to be auctioned.

P1240867We cruised with Betty and Duane last September and we attended a Murder Mystery dinner on the ship. It was conducted around a table set for eight participants. We were each given a booklet with our character backgrounds and the scenario of our timeline while the murder took place. Each of us had good motive and opportunity to be the murderer. One booklet revealed to the holder that he was the murderer. At the end we each gave our guess of who the murderer was and then he was revealed to all. It was a fun occasion and we decided that it might make for a good time in Boomerville. We presented it as An Evening OF Wine, Cheese, Chocolate and Murder. The affair was auctioned at the CARE auction and raised $475 dollars due to the generosity of Judie and Mark, Bill and Gisela, Larry and Connie and Frank and Dianne.  Betty and Duane and Jan and I hosted the four couples in our rig and we had a great time.


10947256_1395613447407156_5628282301023494246_n(Jan) Betty & Duane and Chuck & I did several walk-abouts to see & talk to all who were parked in Boomerville. On the last full day, Mark & Patsy came with Karaoke -7098us. Mark referred to it as a knock-about as we knocked on several doors so they could meet people. We joined Bill & Gisela, Betty & Duane and Mark & Judie for a fire one evening and on another evening Betty & Duane hosted another ‘Burn your Own’.  Add to that, Zumba, a Dance Karoke Party by the Fire Ring and so many other activities and 2015 will be chalked up as one of the Best Boomervilles ever! Thanks for your energy and ideas, Hosts George and Diana and Co-Hosts Bob & Gretchen!


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