Friday, February 20, 2015



10923330_1026066534074383_2249319176987727798_n(Jan) When we were at Anza Borrego the decision was made to come to the Wickenburg Gold Rush Days in February. We made reservations at theIMG_2775 Congress SKP Park and bought tickets for the Melodrama. Our first taste of Gold Rush Day was on Friday when we headed in for the Arts and Crafts Fair in the Park.  There was a wonderful array of vendors of all kinds. Our friend Judie also thought it would be fun to ride the Ferris Wheel so off we four girls went!  Here’s Betty and I getting ready to fly high. Mark & Judie, Bill & Gisela, Betty & Duane, Ed & Jan, Mark & Patsy and Chuck & I met for an delicious lunch at Anita’s Cocina next. And after that several of us headed down to listen to live music where we met up with fellow Boomers Frank & Diane! Returning to the SKP Park where other Boomer friends Tom & Jil had arrived, Happy Hour became a party!

P1250237Saturday was Parade day in P1250213Wickenburg. After a hearty breakfast at the Elks Club we were ready for the parade action. The parade was billed as a parade with 1000 horses! There were lots of beautiful horses but Patsi and I counted ‘only’ 150. It was a very good parade though and we really enjoyed watching.  At left is the excellent Sun City Pom Squad and a Stagecoach at right. Ready to watch the parade below are Patsi & Mark, Jan & Chuck, Betty & Duane, Mark & Judie, Gisela & Bill and Jil and Tom.  We missed a photo of Jan & Ed.


10983179_10153089874074594_8702756946458552770_nThe following day Chuck & I went into Wickenburg to meet Boomer friends Jim & Diane who were in town for the celebration with their Sun City RV Group. We had a good visit and another delicious Mexican lunch, this time at El Ranchero. Four of the couple in our group went to the Senior Rodeo and 11001785_1026066490741054_5179331515167659426_nreported a very good time.

That evening we all headed into the historic downtown Saguaro theatre for the Desert Stager’s Annual Melodrama. It was a hometown mix of local music talent, cowboy poetry and then the presentation of the Melodrama. Fun Stuff!


006(Jan) The Escapee Park North Ranch is located several miles south of Congress, AZ. We’ve been wanting to come here for awhile and this year it fit in our plans.  We’re here with five other rigs so that means lots of fun and activities. This park is a little different than other Escapee Parks as the communities consists of different sized deed lots. It also has an amazing cactus garden with Arizona’s oldest Saguaro Cactus names Methuselah.10959727_1405323003102867_1879398177485125705_n

Last Thursday Judie & Mark led our merry group of 3 Jeeps and 12 explores NE of Congress in search of Crested Saguaros. It was a picture perfect day as we navigated the back country and found interesting crested saguaros! Here are a couple of our favorites. Crested Saguaros or Cristates are a possible genetic mutation. Others say it is the result of a lightning strike or freeze damage. Minerals in the soil have also been introduced as a possible. Whatever the reason they’re amazing and beautiful. 

P2110181 J86A7485 P2110164



And of course, there were group photos taken! Here’ one with Bill & Gisela, Jan, Mark & Judie, Chuck, Mark & Patsi, Jan & Ed and Betty & Duane.

After our Saguaro hunt we stopped at Nichols West for lunch. The menu is varied and the food was fabulous. We headed to the patio in the 75 degree sunshine to place our orders.

P1250139 P1250143 P1250141



We’ve enjoyed each other’s company through many Happy Hours, Morning Coffee sessions and eight of us got in a game of Bocci Ball one afternoon. While we were here we celebrated Bill’s 70th Birthday with lasagna, salads and birthday cake in the Club house.  Pictured below are the twelve us staying here plus several of Gisela & Bill’s friends who came for the occasion; Nancy, Betty, Goeff, Gisela, Duane, Bill, Patsi & Mark, Jil & Tom, Mark, Jan, Judie, Jan, Chuck and Ed.J86A7591


We also celebrated Duane’s Birthday with a Margarita and Taco party and singing. Of course, Betty ordered a cake and once again she got a good deal. In fact it was Free because there were cracks in the frosting! For years we have celebrated Duane’s birthday with an ‘Ed’ cake. One year Betty couldn’t get a cake at the store because they were sold out but they did have a cake with Happy Birthday Ed written on it. It seems the family had not picked up the cake because Ed had died. So began a six year Boomer tradition. This year Duane & Betty decided to let Ed be dead and the cake said Happy Birthday Duane!DSC_7520




On Tuesday the group here was invited to come down to Sun City to christen friends Bobbie and Jim’s new Garden Condo in Sun Lakes. Jim grilled brats and served beers, the rest of us brought side dishes. They have a lovely new home and we had a good time celebrating with them. 002

Patsi & Mark and Chuck & I made a trip up the mountain to Prescott to see our friend’s Dean & Judy’s place! They have a lovely home and we sure had a good time touring it and visiting. Lunch at Bill’s Grill was next on our adgenda followed by walking around the Prescott city square.

Today we missed a trip to Sun City to visit our friends Jim & Diane as I have developed a sinus infection. I felt well enough to get outside for Happy Hour though. Ed & Jan and Mark & Judie have left in the last couple of days but Boomer friends Joe & Donna have joined us. Tonight’s Happy Hour was hilarious. What a fun group! We’re going to miss our Congress family as we move on tomorrow.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

And the fun continues at Roadrunner

10906557_906993522665520_4176768136694892696_n(Jan) After Boomerville, Chuck & I and Pat & Linda moved south of Quartzsite. Chuck and I both love the desert and the wide open spaces at MM99, otherwise known a Roadrunner. The following day Dean & Judy and Bobby & Jim joined the fun along with Ed & Jan in the afternoon. Coffee together in the mornings, Walks, Crafting sessions, fix-it projects, Happy Hours and trips to Q occupied our days. Ed, Chuck & Jan, Bobbie & Jim, Dean & Judy, Linda, Jan and Pat at right.

On Day 3 Mark & Patsi, Betty & Duane, Bill & Gisela and Mark & Judie rolled in. More friends and more fun. We girls made several trips to Gem World and the guys continued their projects on the motor homes. We now have 2 Judys, 2 Jans and 2 Marks; unusual.



Here’s some of the girls off for a walk; Patsi, Judy, Jan, Jan, Linda, Bobbie & Gisela. We had a grand party for Super Bowl Sunday between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Mark & Patsi once again offered their outside TV for our party and we all brought snacks for the first half and brought out the soups and breads at half time followed by cake, cookies and a less than desired ending to the football game. But the weather stayed nice and we all had a great time watching and cheering together.


P2030138On Monday the Chapman’s & Billers headed out. On Tuesday Pat & Linda and Chuck & I drove into town by way of the Old Yuma Road to see a very tall Saguaro cactus that must be about 35 feet tall. We then made a stop at the Q Bakery for their famous Apple Fritters. Here’s the group for Tuesday’s Happy Hour; Chuck, Pat, Mark, Linda, Judie, Patsi, Bill Mark, Gisela, Betty and Duane before most left and before Dean & Judy arrived back on Thursday.






Friday was Dean’s Birthday! We celebrated with them & Mark & Patsi with a dinner around the fire followed by cake and ice cream. And then on Sunday it was Loren’s Birthday! He had parked his rig with us while he made a trip into California and had returned for it. The six of us helped him celebrate with Pizza at Silly Al’s in Quartzsite. The wait was pretty long but the pizza was delicious as always!P2090147

On Monday Chuck & I drove up to Parker to the Blue Water Casino. They are hosting a Tutankhamen exhibition. The problem was that we visited on a Monday and the exhibit is open Tuesday through Saturday! We did have a delightful lunch at the Casino and will try to see the exhibit before it ends in March. Thanks for the Christmas gift Josh & Sarah. The next evening we were down to 2 rigs. We and Patsi & Mark enjoyed Happy Hour, grillling and dinner outside followed by their first games of Pegs & Jokers!. We had a fun time. They are quick learners!

After 14 days of peaceful, beautiful boondocking we and Patsi & Mark are headed to Wickenburg. We will enjoy the Gold Rush Days Celebration & Parade along with several of the friends listed above. Life is good!


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