Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ajo and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

IMG_20150228_102733436(Chuck)We have had friends tell us about Ajo for several years. In 2010 we intended to make the trip with Sheeleys and Poutneys and that fell through at the last minute when we bought our motorhome. This year we again scheduled a visit to this far South area of Arizona.  Ajo is an old mining town which describes many Arizona communities. Some have survived and some are struggling. Ajo seems to have come on tough times since the mine closed in the 1980’s. It is located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. We stayed at the Ajo Roping Grounds. It has loosely defined sites which provide ample room and a very quiet place to stay for $18 a week. Water and dump are available. DSC_7797We are here with Sheeleys and Mark and Patsy.  We enjoyed several drives and hikes in the area as well as doing many maintenance projects.

(Jan) The photos below are from our trips around Ajo. First column shows a Indian Mortar Stone for grinding seed or grain and Sleeping Circles from the ancient peoples that lived in this area. The bottom photo is the Pit from the Ajo Copper Mine. Copper mining went on in this area from the 1600 through 1980’s. Second column shows Jan, Patsi and Judy at the Federated Church’s doors and Chuck, Mark & Dean at the copper pit’s edge. Third column shows Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and the Ajo Town Square. The bottom photo is of Dean & Judy, Chuck & Jan and Mark & Patsi.



IMG_20150223_141734304_HDR DSC_7821 P2270157

P2280158(Chuck) After a week we moved down the road to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The desert is very green with the unique Organ Pipe cactus, Saguaro, Palo Verde, Cholla, and several other species of plants with very sharp spines.  The Ajo Mountain Drive is a 21 mile drive which guides you through some of the finest scenery in the monument.P3010193

Tuesday we will take the Jeep to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. It is only a one day trip to explore the area and to take advantage of shrimp which is available at the port.

Soon we will travel East to Tucson to attend the Escapee Escapade. It is a big get together for RV’ers. This will be the first one for us, and it is mostly a social occasion. On the way to Tucson we will stop at the Kitt Peak National Observatory. We are looking forward to the visit. More photos will follow in the next blog.

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