Friday, March 6, 2015

Photos and a change of plans

(Jan) As I write this, we are rolling through Kansas on our way to Iowa. We had planned to visit the Kitt Peak Observatory today and then go to the Escapee Club Escapade gathering in Tucson starting tomorrow but our plans have changed. My mom is is the hospital in Iowa and that is where we need to be.  She has some serious kidney issues. We’ve been in constant communication with my brother who has been with mom all day yesterday and with my sister who left work at noon and arrived to be with mom by late afternoon. The news is hopeful at times, not so much at other times.  My sweet mother is 93 and I did get to talk to her briefly on the phone yesterday afternoon to tell her that I love her.

We left yesterday morning around 9 and the trip has gone fairly well except for an unplanned stop in Truth or Consequences, NM. The MH engine was running kind of rough so Chuck found a parking lot we could stop in and he changed the fuel filters. He keeps a new set in storage and thankfully he is able to do the work.  An hour or so later, we were back on the road. We did stop to sleep for 4.5 hours in Statford, TX. Tonight we should be by my mom’s side.

As mentioned in our previous blog we had been in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. We were able to take a couple of wonderful drives to see the amazing Cactus in the Park. It’s a very lush, green part of the Sonoran Desert. Here’s aa few of the photos.


IMG_20150302_152857124_HDROrgan Pipe Cactus National Monument

IMG_20150301_112347327 IMG_20150301_133030211 IMG_20150302_155527422_HDR

On Tuesday Judy the tour guide for Chuck & I and friends Mark & Patsi.  We visited her friend Linda at a beautiful high rise Condo on the beach, Cholla Bay, Puerto Penasco with it’s three different RV Camps on the Beach, the Malecon, Flavios and the fish market down at the Waterfront. We all purchased fresh shrimp! Here’s a few pictures

IMG_20150303_123035303 IMG_20150303_143145935 IMG_20150303_111015657
IMG_20150303_123136273 IMG_20150303_141412063 IMG_20150303_120321404


jcw3rd said...

Two of our favorite places, Organ Pipe and Rocky Point. Looks like you had a grand time. I hope things go well for your mom.

-- jc

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Hope you make it safely to your Mom and that she recovers soon. We're missing you here in Tucson.

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