Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Family week-end in Ames

(Jan) On a rainy Thursday afternoon we headed out on the road to Ames.  Our oldest grandson is at Iowa State and we had a date for an early dinner with him.  He had picked out his favorite place, Hickory Park, so we picked him up at the Memorial Union on his way home from class. Ryan is a delight to be with and we sure enjoyed getting to know about his college life here at ISU. Next up was a stop at Brent and Donna’s house to say hello, pick up a few items of mail and check out a project that was planned for the next day. Luckily we found a great boondocking spot not too far from their 11101817_10203883178546290_6538878137342537224_nhouse. For the four nights we were in Ames we stayed at a closed Foods store parking lot.

Friday morning Chuck and Brent took out the kitchen sink at Brent & Donna’s house and replaced it with a soap stone sink that matches their counter tops beautifully.  A new faucet set was installed, the sink dispose-all was re-installed and Donna was a very happy gal. Brent next took a look at my computer.  It’s been running slowly and it was terrific to have a 056computer expert take a look at it!

This year Stephen decided as a Senior to go out for Soccer for the first time. Friday evening was his first Soccer game and he scored the only and winning goal! Nice start to the season.067

On Saturday we went over to the house for lunch and visiting and playing with the kids.  Stephen showed us his pictures from a cruise he went on with a friend over spring break. We helped Anne finish a puzzle that she wants to hang on her wall and Gramma, Libby and Maddy played a game of Chutes & Ladders. Grandpa let the girls take lots of pictures with his and my phones and we finished the day with a game of Rummikub with the Annie, Stephen and Michael.

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IMG_20150412_131123424_HDRSunday was Confirmation Day for Katie. Our son Eric & grandson Ryan and Donna’s parents arrived for a dinner to celebrate Katie’s special day. We had a lovely dinner followed by carrot cake and chocolate fudge cupcakes. There was time for familyIMG_20150412_161345161 visiting and games; Michael wanted to tackle Rummikub again. The Confirmation Mass was beautiful followed by cookies, coffee and lemonade at their church. At left are Katie and Uncle Eric, her godfather; at right Katie is with her family. Our family day ended with everyone headed back to our homes in the late afternoon. We are so happy to have had such a wonderful time with family. Thanks for the warm welcome,the tasty meals and the computer help Brent & Donna!


Nancy Hurley said...

These are great family memories. Glad to see you two enjoying and spreading your love all around.
Nancy and Jerry

Bobbie and Jim said...

What a wonderful visit you had with so many family activities.

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