Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Home at Hart Ranch with a stop in Mitchell, SD

(Jan) Yesterday was a travel day for us. Our route from Carroll, IA to Hart Ranch near Rapid City, SD is a simple one; follow Hwy 71 to Hwy 20, get on I29 and then I90. Our overnight stop was at the Cabela’s in Mitchell, SD. Cabela’s welcomes overnight RVers for a very good reason; we all go in to shop and generally do not come out empty handed!

IMG_20150601_200527216While in Mitchell, we did take a drive up to Lake Mitchell on the north side of town. It’s a lovely lake with quite a few public areas but also lots of homes along the shoreline. Some of the homes are huge and magnificent!IMG_20150601_203926811

Mitchell’s famous Corn Palace was on our way home.  At this time of year the exterior walls are being stripped down as last years murals are being removed. Each year the walls become a different design and tell a new story.  The design is drawn on and then the corn cobs are nailed over; kind of like painting or in this case,IMG_20150601_201102307 ‘cobbing’ by number. There are about 14 different colors of corn grown on a 160 acre farm for this purpose. We watched an informative film inside the palace on it’s history. There is also an opportunity to buy all sorts of merchandise from T-shirts to Carmel corn inside.

Our drive today went well. We are now in Mountain Daylight Savings Time so we arrived at Hart Ranch around 2:00. Chuck washed the motorhome after our journey and we are now settled in for our 21 day stay on Lot 97. Stop by if you are in our area!



Sharon Del Rosario said...

Welcome home! It looks great at Hart Ranch. One of your pictures of the Corn Palace showed up on my link posted on Facebook last night. Not sure how that happened, especially since I published almost 2 hours before you did!

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Sharon! Wish you and Don were here with us! The very first time we stayed here was as your guests! We're grateful and have loved being here ever since. Ans yes, I did notice that somehow FB/Blogger attached our photo to your Blog. Look at your FB page for more on that story :) Hugs, Jan

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