Thursday, August 6, 2015

Red Lodge Montana

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July 14-19, 2015. When we left the Black Hills one of the places we wanted to visit again was Red Lodge, MT. Years ago we had been fascinated with Bear Tooth Pass and the surrounding area. There was a boondock spot south of Red Lodge that was a great memory for me.  It was called Lions Camp and was nestled in the mountains with a very noisy mountain stream. We found it and it was not quite as nice as my memory. It was very un-level had large rocks and several motorcycles that played very loud music until 4:00 am. One night of this fun was all that we could take. 

We looked around and there was a National Forest CG three miles up the road. We were surprised to find that there were quite a few sites that would accommodate our large rig. We parked in one and it was a perfect spot.

Red Lodge was having the annual motorcycle rally. We stayed a few days longer to watch the fun of having the bikes in town. It is not on the scale of Sturgis, but it was a great time. There was a gathering of a motorcycle “club” in the campground. They were well behaved and some had wives and and children with them.

Headed up Bear Tooth Pass
Nearly at the top! The views and lakes up there were beautiful!

Bear Tooth Pass Summit

We drove on several gravel/rock roads.
The wild flowers were amazing!

Heading back down
On another day we took the Jeep on a gravel road which became a 4X4 road up the mountain to a trailhead. 
It was a great 8 mile trip up the mountain. 

(Jan) The town of Red Lodge is very nice town with many interesting stores. Since we had no internet at our campground, we drove into town most days. The Main Street is lively and decorated with many hanging baskets of flowers. We ate lunch one day at the Red Lodge Pizza Company. Very good!

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