Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taking a break at the Coast

20150810-144649(Jan) After The kids left us at Manchester State Park we decided to spend one extra night before going west. We toured around the area and stopped for ice cream at a nice spot in Port Orchard. On Tuesday we drove across the peninsula and north to South Beach CG which is the overflow area for Klaloch NPCG. We were very disappointed to find out that it was completely jam packed! We had such fond memories of boondocking there years ago with our friends Dean and Judy in a very sparsely populated, gorgeous place! (But, that was in September and during the week when families with children were not there.) So we drug ourselves out of the doldrums and drove south about 50 miles to Ocean Shores. It’s also a very beautiful beach area; just not quite as nice and isolated as South Beach. On our way over we found a fruit stand selling fresh Yakima peaches.  They were incredible!


IMG_20150814_195054263The wide, flat beach at Ocean Shores goes on for miles and miles. We did a lot of walking and people watching there. The day before we arrived a 42 foot fishing vessel had grounded after losing it’s hydraulic power thus it’s steering ability. It sat marooned on the beach for several days before being removed by an excavator. There was a 12’s Fan Fest & Beach Party that week-end also. Lots of Blue and Green garbed Seahawks fans in town to buy from the vendors, parade their Seahawk vehicles and watch the pre-season game on Huge Screens at the Convention Center. We were not prepared with Seahawk colors so dressed in normal fashion. Some one on the street observed, ‘They must be from out of town!’IMG_20150815_131051025

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