Saturday, October 10, 2015

Moving from here to there

IMG_20150928_184614224(Jan) Since leaving Winchester Bay we have been on the move, 10 stops in sixteen days. Our first stop was the SKP Park in Sutherlin, Oregon where we joined Boomers Kay & Georgia and the park regulars for a Sunday afternoon ice cream social. We had a nice lot in their beautiful park plus it was great to do a little cooking (Crab Alfredo with fresh green beans at right) and get our laundry done and IMG_20150929_152417284the place cleaned up!

Our south ward trip through Oregon and northern California took us down I5. The drive is through beautiful country, over the Siskiyou Pass, past Mt. Shasta and down into the Alfalfa & Rice fields of the delta country. The west has been suffering from a severe drought the past several years. Lake Shasta Reservoir’s water level was disastrously low. It’s so sad to see.

From the Elks Club in Modesto, CA we were able to meet friends John & Cathy at their favorite Italian Restaurant, Chefs of New York. The food was awesome and it was great connecting with these Boomer friends. We also drove into Pleasant Hill from there to visit my sister-in-law Scarlett and nephew John. We got to visit them at home and go to a street fair down town plus meet Scarlett’s friend Dennis andIMG_20151006_104140202 her son Brenden and girlfriend Kaeleen at Slow Hand Barbeque for lunch. Once again the food was fabulous and the company was even better. So good to see everyone. Can’t believe we missed getting photos!

(Chuck)  We stopped in at Redlands Truck and RV to have our rig axles aligned. We had no problem with steering or handling of the coach but we were getting a little wear on the outside of the right front tire. It has been nagging me for quite a while and it seemed like the right place to fix it. Judie and Mark gave them very good recommendations. They have a small rv park that we could come into the night IMG_20151006_110539400before and be available for an 8 o’clock appointment. They accomplished the alignment and found that a shock was broken on the tag axle. New shocks were installed. Also the technician noticed a nasty piece of metal had imbedded itself on our passenger inside drive wheel. It was pulled out and it did not leak air. We dodged a bullet on IMG_20151008_151440956that one.

(Jan) Our afternoon trip to Yuma took us into very familiar territory past Anza Borrego State Park and along I8 in southern California.  Since the temperatures were moderate when we reached town we were able to boondock at our friends’ Ron & Sharon’s lot over night.  We had a delightful visit with our friend Cathy and picked up our mail at her house the next morning. The mail included the wonderful art work (at left) from my granddaughter’s Maddy & Libby That afternoon we joined the Yuma Boomers at The Copper Mine for an early dinner. So great to see Nancy & Gary, Joey & Carl, Jeanne & Jack, Bea, Joy and Soren & IMG_20151009_082529367Barbara.

IMG_20151007_134609713_HDR(Chuck) We came to Yuma with the intention of staying on Sue’s lot on 53’rd street for five days before the cruise. On the first afternoon we had major electrical problems. After quite a bit of troubleshooting we discovered that the circuit breaker on the power pedestal was arcing and causing trouble. I replaced the breakers with new ones and the next day again we had a power failure. It seems that when the casita was added on the lot, the RV power stand was relocated. When they did this they did not use large enough wiring and may have spliced the ground wires in an underground location. I have a ground wire on a 50 amp service that should read 115 volts to the power wire and it only reads 40 volts. That leads to heartache on a 50 amp service. My Energy Management System on the coach will not accept power in a situation like that. Another few hours of troubleshooting and I found that I cannot fix it this time. Sue, IMG_20151009_123527860who owns the lot, has become a good friend of ours over the years, gave us a phone number of a friend of hers that also has a spare lot close by. Soon we were on our way a couple of blocks over and now we are settled in and living comfortably again. It is 98 degrees and going to 100 tomorrow and we are grateful to have power for A/C.

(Jan) We knew it was going to be hot in Yuma in October but dental work and storage for our rig while we do a Mexican Riviera Cruise brought us here. The Cruise will be on the Norwegian Sun, October 13-24, porting in Alcapulco, Manzanilla, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. The cruise is a surprise; Chuck found an offer to good to pass up! John & Cathy are going, too.

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(Chuck & Jan) We were able to get appointments to see Dr. Hector and Dr. Krystal to have our teeth cleaned & checked. Also, Chuck had a broken crown replaced with Dr. Krystal and Jan had my prelim work & X-rays done for the implant surgery she’ll have done with Dr. Hector when we get back from the cruise.  Always something to look forward to! We have been with Dr. Krystal & Dr. Hector for several years now. They have a brand new, state of the art office and we have appreciated their work. We would recommend them for anyone looking for a clean, professional dental office in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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