Saturday, October 3, 2015

Winchester Bay Crabarang


(Chuck)  The last time we were in Winchester Bay was in 2009. We spent several weeks in the Northwest with family and left the Seattle area with Dean and Judy to tour the Olympic Peninsula and venture down the coast. We stopped in Winchester Bay and spent several days with the Roving Rods as they crabbed for Dungeness Crab. The crab and the friends were good, however the weather was bad. We moved on inland after a few days. This year was different. Diana and George organized a Boomerang at the Bay and we found the weather to be excellent. We came early and stayed late and spent two weeks. It is just blacktop boondocking, but we were there with over 25 Boomer rigs. Our parking area was wonderful with the view of the sailboats in the marina. It is not often that you get a front yard view like that. It is just another awesome experience that is available in this lifestyle.12036876_1146692025345166_6806576006094292964_n

(Jan) Diana arranged a busy week around crabbing and fishing. There was a Happy Hour each day with activity reports & announcements. The Margarita Boomers Steve & Kay made Margaritas a couple of nights and the group responded with Heavy Hors du voures. We went to eat as a group to Don’s Main Street Diner where the food was good 12002945_1143707392310296_8233902955307442481_nand the pies & desserts were amazing. Friday morning several in the group, Judy, Jan, Dianne, Diana & Dona – at left, drove over to the Farmer’s Market in Reedsport. On Sunday night Dianne & I hosted a Potluck over on our Dock C with a gorgeous view of the crab docks and the bay. Connie hosted yummy Seafood Tacos several nights later. Diana arranged for a Charter Fishing Trip for Ling Cod and Rock Fish and many set crab traps along the Crab Docks. We sure had fun!

The docked Sailboats at SunsetIMG_20150918_194612638_HDR Some of the group at Happy Hour12006318_1051782344845913_8462993823868178630_n Crabbing Dock & Boat LaunchIMG_20150919_113032726

IMG_20150918_100839314_HDR(Chuck) Frank and I fished for salmon without success. When you can fish in these conditions catching a fish would be a nice perk, but it does not make or break my day. Throwing a lure in the sunshine with good friends is on the top of my list.

IMG_20150922_122403856We were fortunate to find a fishing boat in port with Albacore Tuna. The captain was a little disappointed to return with only 48 tuna but we were happy to purchase one of them. We bought an 18 pound fish for $2.75 a pound live weight. .30 cents a pound to dress the fish and soon we had 11 pounds of Albacore Tuna to vacuum seal and put in the freezer. It it yummy when grilled.

IMG_20150919_185859359IMG_20150919_185831682There is an oyster farm in the ocean by the entrance to the Bay. They harvest oysters each day and always have fresh oysters available. On Saturday afternoon Dean purchased three dozen for three couples to feast on. They cost about $10 dollars per dozen for the medium size. We actually could not eat all of them even though we tried. They were delicious. Frank expertly fixed them on the grill and if we do it again they will be grilled just like Frank did it.

(Jan) Although Chuck & I did not put out crab pots, we were the grateful recipients of 9 Dungeness crabs from our friends Richard & Peggy. We shared them with Dean & Judy and Frank & Dianne. The last week included a wonderful dinner out with Frank & Dianne, George & Diana, Larry & Connie and us at Benetti’s in Coos Bay for Frank & Dianne’s 49th Anniversary. Bellissimo! And on the last night the five of us Boomers left, Chuck & I, Steve and Connie & Larry had Crab Alfredo, salads & brownies at Connie and Larry’s. What a wonderful time it has been here at Winchester Bay.

IMG_20150919_114530489_HDRChuck on the sail boat dock with our motorhomes in the background on ‘C’. Below; Dona’s excellent night time photo of the docked sail boats IMG_20150923_132102323Jan on the shore along the Inlet to Winchester Bay. IMG_20150923_134617199Looking toward Salmon HarborIMG_20150923_134223304Looking out to the ocean

Right; The Coast Guard practicing Rescues at Sea.
Below; Lunch at Schooner Inn along the Umpqua River. Great sea food with the lovely river views.
IMG_20150926_124625657_HDR IMG_20150926_122549496 IMG_20150926_122601200


Jim & Nanc said...

Great post. Glad to see you are still blogging so many people have given it up. Travel safe!!

Bobbie and Jim said...

Great blog post and I really enjoyed all the photos. Looks like a great time.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Love the views and stories - made me feel like we were there. What a great group of Boomers!

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