Monday, November 2, 2015

Mexican Riviera Cruise II

IMG_20151020_110726615_HDRIMG_20151020_110519605(Jan) Our cruise fun continued in Mazatlan.  After a leisurely breakfast on board the Sun we decided to walk to the Old Market about a mile away. Of course, many Taxi drivers insisted it was a very long way so for $4 we found ourselves supporting the local economy and riding in one of their Open Air Taxis. From the very pretty town square we walked several blocks to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral which is an active church and in use daily. Finished in 1889 with eclectic architectural elements, it is said to resemble Spanish churches in Toledo & Cordoba. The Old City Market, spanning an entire city block, was close by. With everything from clothing to meat markets, fresh vegetables to pottery, we had a fun time wandering & shopping.

IMG_20151020_112814583 IMG_20151020_111726600 IMG_20151020_112750378

Our next port Cabo San Lucas was just beautiful! Our ship docked out in the bay and we were tendered into shore. When we were in Winchester Bay this fall with friends Connie & Larry, we discovered that we were both going to be in Cabo at the same time; us on the Sun and them on a family vacation. Cathy suggested that we all meet at ‘The Office’ for lunch. We could have taken a water taxi from the dock but wanted to do some walking and shopping. What a beautiful place with fun things to see. Even found internet to down load messages at the local Burger King.

IMG_20151021_092645179 IMG_20151021_094108520_HDR IMG_20151021_101344740_HDR IMG_20151021_103221960_HDR

Seeing Connie & Larry and their daughter Cindy at the Office was fabulous! We had such a fun Lunch. Great food & margaritas. The first day of the Bisbee Marlin Fishing Tournament was that day so we also got to see some of the fish being weighed as we walked back toward our dock. The biggest one we saw weighed 345 pounds.

12105701_10205241977591138_5086506955439587087_n IMG_20151021_132524621_HDR IMG_20151021_105533237_HDR

IMG_20151021_121059580 IMG_20151021_133103760 IMG_20151021_123225398 IMG_20151021_151631357

It was a long walk back to the Sun but with one more Margarita/Cerveza/Water stop, we made it! We walked 5+ miles._20151023_153617B-ScubaDiveCabo-DiveLocations9-large_20151023_153425Our ship stayed in port overnight so we had until 2 p.m. on Thursday to enjoy Cabo. Chuck & I had signed up for another ship’s excursion to Snorkel at Santa Maria Cove aboard the catamaran Pez Gato. It was gorgeous weather to be out on the water. We saw many sea lions and one humpback whale spouting. Snorkeling was…… adventure! Once we got our masks tight enough, got our mouth breathing figured out and were no longer in danger of drowning, we had a great time! The brightly colored fish were amazing. Our guide attracted them with bits of bread and at times we were surrounded by them. It was truly an incredible experience! The crew of the Pez Gato plied us with drinks, snacks and music, then hoisted the sail for an hour’s leisurely sail back to the Sun. We watched people parasailing (next time?) and loved the views of the coast and the famed El Arco at Lands End.

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Next up; a few photos and tales from around the Norwegian Sun.

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The photos are very pretty. So glad you enjoyed your cruise.

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