Friday, November 6, 2015

Twelve Productive Days

IMG_20151028_180204835_HDR(Jan) Vacation is over! We’re back in Yuma. Time to get lots of needs and projects taken care of. First thing on Monday morning we drove over to Los Algodones, Mexico to visit my dentist. Dr. Hector did a surgical procedure to implant a post in my upper jaw. He did the Novocain shots very gently and there was little pain or discomfort. I was sent home with antibiotics to guard against infection and will go back in four months to have the tooth screwed into the post. We are now ten days along in the recovery and things are doing very well.

As anyone living in any kind of house knows, there are always repair projects and routine cleaning to be done. Chuck fixed a leak in our water pump and the control on our kitchen fantastic fan. The motorhome and Jeep got washed and waxed and lots of cleaning got done on the insides of both. And we got new area rugs! They are the same pattern but very much brighter and clean. Another good project started is that we ordered carpet for our main living room slide. The binding was starting to fray and after 9 years of IMG_20151103_132426780heavy use, it just needs replacing. We ordered the carpet from Yuma Carpets where they will do the binding and then Chuck will do the installing. It’s going to look so nice!

The mail was ordered and received, bookwork taken care of and laundry done. But there was time for Pegs and Jokers games to be played at Dan & Jenny’s house one Sunday evening. The girls tried very hard but the guys took all four games. Tuesday found us eating lunch with old friends Mickey & Karen and Kaaren & Bill at Eat Chinese Buffet. It was great to catch up with them. We had a good visit with Joey & Carl at coffee after church and this Wednesday we joined a Boomer group for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Wednesday is Boomer movie and a dinner day; just the dinner portion for us this week. Here’s Barbara & Soren, Dan & Jenny, us and Nancy. We missed Gary for the photo. IMG_20151104_172052316

(Chuck) Today we stopped in at Starlight Solar in Yuma to have our batteries re-arranged. I know that sounds suspicious, but it should be a good arrangement for our RV lifestyle. We boondock about 230 days per year. We have averaged that for the last five or six years. That means no hookups to the motorhome. We have 900 watts of solar on the roof which provide us with a great deal of electrical power. This power is stored in batteries for use in the motorhome. In the past we have had four golf cart batteries and two starting batteries.  House batteries are for the house and starting batteries are used to start the diesel motor.  Last year my buddy Dean switched hisIMG_20151106_090734313_HDR motorhome over to combine both banks into one larger battery pack. This gives a much larger reserve for living and will allow enough reserve for starting. Dean did it the correct way by using six new AGM batteries. I found that my four T105 flooded acid house batteries tested very good with a load test and I did not want to discard them. I added two new T105’s to my two year old set. The book says that you should not do this and all experts will shudder at the thought, but that is what I did. I spent $240 plus labor and cables instead of $2,000 for a new set of AGM Lifelines. I know that I will assume more maintenance.  The other OMG concern is “What if you run your batteries dead?”  Well, experienced boondockers generally watch their resources closely. Worst case, I carry a good set of jumper cables and if necessary, I know how to use them. IMG_20151106_090653995We rarely bring our batteries below 60%. We measure this by amps in and amps out, not by voltage. This should allow us to keep the batteries well above that level which allows for longer battery life.

Tonight we are staying in Gila Bend at the Elks Lodge in the same spot that we stayed the first night with our new-to-us Motorhome. We are on our way to the Phoenix area to visit more friends! Yay!

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