Sunday, February 28, 2016

An Implanted tooth + Yuma visiting

(Jan) About 16 months ago, I went to Venus Dental with a very sensitive tooth and thought I might be in for a root canal. Nope. It turned out that the root of the tooth was cracked and needed to be pulled. Drs. Hector and Krystal took very good care of me and did a great job getting the tooth out, bone graft material in and stitched up. I was to return in March to do the second step of the process for an Implant. That was not to be, as March found us on our way to Iowa unexpectedly. Fast forward to this fall. Dr. Hector performed surgery to implant a post in my jaw that wouldIMG_20160218_102859444 eventually hold the new tooth. Just a week ago, he was able to do the fitting and molding for the tooth and on Wednesday of this week the tooth was ready at the lab. Dr. Hector fitted and filed and worked until it was perfectly aligned. I am now IMG_20160223_173504234the owner of a new implanted tooth and could not be happier with my new full smile!

We boondocked at Paradise Casino for the first 3 days so we could go to Algodones and also, be close to the shopping opportunities. We stopped at Penny’s Diner our first morning to enjoy one of their delicious breakfasts. The following five days we were happy to be guests of Ron & Carol in the Foothills. We were delighted to spend time with these two.IMG_20160220_081405987 Besides my dental appointments, we stayed quite busy in Yuma catching up & visiting with friends; dinner with the Boomer group on Wednesday and Pegs & Jokers with Ron & Sharon after, happy hour & dinner with Ron & Carol on Saturday, Church & visiting with Joe and Carl and dinner & P&J with Dan & Jenny and Richard & Peggy on Sunday, visiting at Ron & Sharon’s on Monday, dinner with Ron & Carol and Frank & Dianne on Tuesday. Whew!

And I did get my new Ukulele! It’s beautiful instrument and I’m very much hoping in a couple of years I’ll be able to play it!

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Nancy said...

Enjoyed catching up on your Boomerville escapades, the uke news, the fiddling, the tooth stories and all the warm and friendly rver encounters. Best to you both,

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